Download A Darkness More Than Night [PDF] By Michael Connelly

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A Darkness More Than Night book pdf download for free or read online, also A Darkness More Than Night pdf was written by Michael Connelly.

BookA Darkness More Than Night
AuthorMichael Connelly
Size1.7 MB

A Darkness More Than Night Book PDF download for free

A Darkness More Than Night Book PDF download for free

Harry Bosch is up to his neck in a case that has celebrity-mad Los Angeles on edge: a film director is accused of murdering an actress during sex and then staging her death to make it look like the suicide. . Bosch is both the arresting officer and the star witness in a trial that has sent the Hollywood media mob into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, Terry McCaleb is enjoying an idyllic retirement on Catalina Island when a visit from an old colleague brings him back to his old world. It’s a murder, the kind of unreadable murder he specialized in solving in his days at the FBI. The investigation has stalled and the sheriff’s office asks McCaleb to take a quick look at the murder book to see if he can find anything they missed.

McCaleb’s initial reading of the crime scene leads him to seek out a methodical killer with a penchant for ritual and revenge. As his quick gaze accelerates toward a fast-paced investigation, the two crimes, his murdered loner and Bosch’s film director, begin to intersect in a strange way.

With one unsettling revelation after another, they come together and become an impossible and terrifying case involving almost unimaginable calculations. McCaleb believes he has discovered the most terrifying killer he has ever had in his sights. But his investigation gets mixed up with Bosch’s lines, and the two men face off in the most dangerous investigation of their lives.

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A Darkness More Than Night Book Pdf Download

Among the things that put Michael Connelly’s series of novels, starring jaded detective Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch, in a class of its own are the plausibility of the characters and plots, and the truthfulness of the police process. Clearly, Connelly knows his stuff well and has done extensive research.

He also maintains a clear audit trail and timeline, allowing him to go back to earlier stories and also weave in different characters between successive books. For example, former FBI Special Agent Terry McCaleb, who was the main character in Blood Work and has his own book series, figures prominently in this novel, as does reporter Jack McEvoy, who played a central role in The Poet previously composed a novel. in his own right.

As the novel begins, Bosch is preparing to play a major role in the trial of a film producer accused of raping and murdering two actresses. The producer is a particularly obnoxious character and has hired a top-tier defense attorney who deftly tackles each new facet of the allegation. Meanwhile, Sheriff’s Officer Jaye Winston calls Terry McCaleb for advice on an unsolved murder he’s been investigating that has the makings of an unusual murder.

McCaleb is initially reluctant to get involved, knowing his wife will object. However, he is too entrenched an investigator to resist and succumbs to temptation. Reading through his documents leads him to some unexpected conclusions, all of which seem to indicate that Harry Bosch, who McCaleb once worked with on a case from the past, may be involved.

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Connelly handles both story lines very deftly without compromising verisimilitude or plot integrity. He also realistically captures the relationships between McCaleb and Winston and between Bosch and McCaleb,

Two titans of the investigative world, Harry Bosch and ex-FBI Terry McCaleb collide in this thriller, written by Connelly. Terry is enjoying his new baby and his life on the island and 3 years after his heart transplant he feels like new, but something is still missing from the picture. Harry’s wife Eleanor had left him and he is in the “dark tunnel” where it is “darker than night”. Where is the “lost light”? As the book quotes, “Each of us is capable of anything given the right circumstances, the right pressure, the right motives, and the right time.” Dark. But is he right?

Terry McCaleb, an ex-FBI who joined Connelly’s crime-fighting squad a few novels ago (Blood Work), plays a major role in this story. When he is drawn to his retreat to see a case that others are struggling to solve, McCaleb’s investigation discovers that his case overlaps with a case Hieronymus Bosch is working on, and this leads them into a conflict. device conflict.

This is a tight, fast-paced thriller in which again the twists and turns make the reader wonder how such huge holes have suddenly been opened up in their “crime” theories.
Connelly is on top of his game with this one. . . And you get two of his best characters in one extremely well-written package!

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