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A Distant Shore book pdf download for free or read online, also A Distant Shore pdf was written by Karen Kingsbury.

Karen Kingsbury, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, is America’s favorite inspirational storyteller with more than 25 million copies in print of her award-winning books. Her last dozen titles have topped bestseller lists and many of her novels are in development with Hallmark Films and in major motion pictures.

BookA Distant Shore
AuthorKaren Kingsbury
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A Distant Shore Book PDF download for free

A Distant Shore Book PDF download for free

She was a girl caught in a flood in the Caribbean Sea. She was a teenager from the East Coast who was vacationing with his family. She dove in to save her, and that one terrifying moment changed her life forever.

Ten years later, Jack Ryder is a fearless undercover FBI agent, and Eliza Lawrence still resides on this untouched island. She is a flawless princess in a kingdom of darkness and evil, on the verge of a forced marriage with a dangerous drug dealer next door, a marriage arranged by her father. This time that Jack and Eliza meet, there is a connection that neither of them can explain. Your life is at stake, and once again, the stakes are deadly.

Will they be able to team up on a complicated and dangerous mission and pretend to have incredible love… without actually falling for each other? Sometimes miracles happen not once, but twice… on a distant shore.

A Distant Shore Book PDF download for free

Wow. Single. Wow. I am trying to find the words to express and share my feelings for this AMAZING book! Karen Kingsbury has really written one of her best books with A DISTANT SHORE. Straight out of today’s headlines, she wrote an insightful story that focuses on sex trafficking.

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Young Lizzie James was taken from her mother and her little brother by her own father, who runs a sex trafficking ring on the island of Belize. Lizzie, who learned that her mother and her brother drowned, are now known as Eliza Lawrence. Though intact and known as a princess, Eliza sees and hears things unthinkable within the palace walls. Her father has plans for her 20th birthday, plans for her to marry a young man whose father runs a drug smuggling business in the United States.

FBI Agent Jack Ryder has worked many undercover assignments in his career and is about to embark on a dangerous mission in Belize to stop the trafficking of young girls. His job is to get in while the man has to marry Eliza and convince her to take down her father and free himself and the girls. Jack’s family vacationed in Belize many times and the last time he was there he saved a little girl’s life and also lost his best friend. He knew that he had to focus on work and not let those memories flood him again.

The connection between Jack and Eliza is instant. Mission success must be flawless. Will Eliza fully trust Jack? She doesn’t trust any man. Can Jack convince Eliza to believe him when he assures her that he is there to save her and the other girls from her?

Your story doesn’t end after the mission. Eliza is determined to stop the sex trade of other boys and girls and Jack is willing to help her. She joins the FBI and the two work undercover together. Conversations between the two lead Jack to remember the girl he saved all those years ago. Could Eliza be that girl? Will the feelings between the two be something more than friendship?

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I prayed for the characters in A DISTANT SHORE. Karen Kingsbury has a way of taking her readers deep into the pages of her books and this book was no exception. The story of Jack and Eliza is such an emotional read, and yet so full of hope. Two people who have lost so much but have a second chance at redemption and love. A DISTANT SHORE is definitely a page turner, once you start you don’t stop until you finish. The writing at the beginning of each chapter filled my heart, such a beautiful touch.

A DISTANT SHORE is a harrowing story, but there is so much promise within the pages… Highly recommended. And as always, have tissues with you.

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