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A Harvest Of Secrets book pdf download for free or read online, also A Harvest Of Secrets pdf was written by Roland Merullo.

Roland Merullo is the author of twenty-four fiction and nonfiction books ranging from thrillers (Fidel’s Last Days, A Russian Requiem, Revere Beach Boulevard, The Return) to humorous love stories, golf, travel books, and spiritual road trips. . His books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies and have been translated all over the world, from China to Brazil, from Korea to Croatia, and have received numerous awards.

BookA Harvest Of Secrets
AuthorRoland Merullo
Size600 KB

A Harvest Of Secrets Book PDF download for free

A Harvest Of Secrets Book PDF download for free

Italy, 1943. The seeds of terror sown by Hitler have brought the Allies to Italian soil. Separated by war, the young lovers, one near a Tuscan mountain village, the other a soldier on the Sicilian front, face any challenge to reunite.

Vittoria SanAntonio, the daughter of a wealthy winery owner, finds herself caught in a web of family secrets. She defies her domineering father and falls in love with unassuming vineyard owner Carlo Conte. When Carlo is recruited into Mussolini’s army, he sets Vittoria on fire and she joins the resistance. As the Nazi war machine advances, Vittoria faces dangers as unknown as those facing the man she loves.

Seriously wounded on the first day of the invasion, Carlo regains consciousness at a farm in Sicily. Nursed back to health by a friendly family, he embarks on an arduous journey north through his devastated homeland. For Carlo and Vittoria, as the threats of war grow and their paths diverge, what lies ahead will test their mettle like never before.

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A Harvest Of Secrets Book Pdf Download

This beautifully written novel reminded me why I love historical fiction. However, I almost didn’t choose it as my first choice when I saw that it was set in World War II. “How many novels about World War II can you read in your life?” I wondered. Luckily I decided to read another.

A Harvest of Secrets is simply told from three perspectives. Vittoria, the daughter of a wealthy Italian winery owner. Carlo, her working-class mistress who is thrust into the service of Mussolini’s army. And old Paolo, a peasant winemaker who keeps secrets from the past and present. As these perspectives change from chapter to chapter, the reader is slowly drawn into the horrors of world war and the bravery of those who fight against the injustices such wars can reveal.

The author, Roland Merullo, is a subtle stylist who can capture the emotions of his characters without graphic images. Scared Carlos in his first fight, punctuated by ba-boom artillery rockets. Vittoria’s passion for Carlo, which she now only experiences in her memories of making love. And Paolo’s frustration with those in power using the poor as grain for their wheels of war.

A Harvest of Secrets is well written and worth reading.

The action takes place in Italy in 1943, which was devastated by the war between Mussolini and Hitler and the allied army.
The historical events are only roughly presented, but the general atmosphere of this dramatic time is very well described.
The main actors are the daughter of a wealthy wine plantation owner and two plantation workers. Everyone is in a very difficult situation and must decide what action to take (if any) and who to trust. Staying neutral is impossible, but good intentions don’t always lead to good results.

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Although World War II was long ago, the dilemma of choosing locations and getting involved often remains relevant in today’s turbulent times, so this aspect of the story appealed to me.

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