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A Loving Scoundrel book pdf download for free or read online, also A Loving Scoundrel pdf was written by Johanna Lindsey.

With more than 56 million copies of her books in print and translated into 12 languages, Johanna Lindsey is one of the world’s most popular novelists. She has written more than thirty novels, each of which has been a bestseller, with several New York Times number one novels. Johanna Lindsey lives in the Hawaii with her family.

BookA Loving Scoundrel
AuthorJohanna Lindsey
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A Loving Scoundrel Book PDF download for free

A Loving Scoundrel Book PDF download for free

When Danny, a young woman from the streets of London with no memory of her real family, helps handsome bully Jeremy Malory find the jewels his friend lost at a card game, she is thrown out of his gang.

She demands that Jeremy give her a legitimate job so she can become respectable. Fascinated by her beauty and courage, Jeremy hires Danny as his maid, despite wanting her as his mistress.

Under the tutelage of Jeremy and his cousin Regina, Danny grows into a lady.

Although she is drawn to Jeremy by feelings of passion she has never felt before, she refuses to be more than a servant to him. But when she undergoes a Cinderella-like transformation and poses as Jeremy’s new love interest to help him avoid scandal, her fellow aristocrats can’t help but notice how familiar Danny looks. Now tongues wag, raising questions about his true identity and threatening not only Danny’s chances of winning Jeremy’s heart, but his life as well.

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A Loving Scoundrel Book Pdf Download

Danny is a brave and headstrong thief who lives with his hilarious band of villains who have dressed up as boys just so she won’t be attacked by every man she meets or more. She crosses paths with Jeremy, who needs her for his underhanded deeds, aka his pickpocket services. He gets what he wants, but she gets her little ass kicked out of the troublemakers guild. And what does a resolute and determined woman do when someone else is to blame for her misfortune? She demands a job and a roof over his head from Jeremy. And that’s exactly what gets in her way with a maid job and much more as a landlady.

I’m particularly drawn to rags to riches, cinderella, the misfit, secret identity romances, so this book was perfect for me in that regard because it had all those tropes. It’s also a blessing when the heroine truly has backbone and isn’t a meek wallflower, someone who knows what she wants and doesn’t hold back with the proper etiquette to ask or do what is necessary. Also, a woman in historical novels who is determined to stay away from the hero and is not easily swayed is fine in my book. Needless to say, I found Danny incredible.

The relationship between the main couple was another plus point for me. There was a constant power struggle between them and as the balance swung back and forth it was interesting to watch these two see who would raise the white flag first for the other. Another bright spot: Jeremy’s unwanted but very determined suitor and his lies were handled brilliantly and the result was like watching a funny sitcom.

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I haven’t read any previous books in the Malory series that this story is one of, so I can’t really show the returning characters the right amount of emotion and love that they probably deserve, instead I’m reading this book from an outside point of view. . . Despite lacking the recommended background knowledge, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and had no problem warming up to the obvious old favorites.

However, I didn’t quite like how the virginity issue was being handled and what led up to it, and at times had some issues with the credibility of everything that was going on. Too much emphasis on the killer wasn’t necessary either, and it distracted from the romance. However, these are all little things that didn’t stop me from enjoying this book.


Danny: Independent, tough and resilient. I admired her determination to find and become a decent wife and live a respectable life with a good husband and children despite her background and difficult situation. I just liked her as a woman and as a character, it didn’t bother me at all and that’s pretty weird.

Jeremy: He’s also said to have a similar living environment in the sewers as Danny, but I felt like he had left that life far in the past and also forgotten what he was like in terms of his dealings with Danny. I felt that he wasn’t supportive of their problems and goals in the way he should have been. Still, he managed to be a decent hero. It must be mentioned: his family was very nice.


I really enjoyed this romance, luckily I’ve never met an old historical novel and this is another win for me. There were many aspects I liked, but the heroine, Danny, was my number one favorite in this book.

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