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A Paper Son book pdf download for free or read online, also A Paper Son pdf was written by Jason Buchholz.

Jason Buchholz is a writer, publisher, publisher and artist. He has worked as a travel writer and also as a journalist; his poetry and flash fiction have appeared in the Gobbledegook and Switchback. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UC Berkeley and a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of San Francisco.

His addresses included half a dozen locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, most notably his childhood home in Santa Rosa and his current home in El Cerrito, where he lives with his wife and son.

BookA Paper Son
AuthorJason Buchholz
Size1.5 MB

A Paper Son Book PDF download for free

A Paper Son Book PDF download for free

Elementary school teacher and aspiring author Peregrine Long watches a Chinese family aboard a ship having morning tea. The picture inspires him to write the story of that family, but then a woman shows up at his door and claims that she is writing his family’s story exactly as it happened. He doesn’t like that, but he has a question: what happened to the child of the family, his missing uncle?

As a month-long storm begins to sweep the peninsula below, Peregrine searches in and around modern San Francisco and through his ongoing writings in southern China and the Pacific immigrant experience of a century ago. –for the missing child. The clues uncovered lead Peregrine to question not only the nature of her writing, but also her knowledge of her own past and understanding of her identity.

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A Paper Son Book Pdf Download

I love this “genre” that weaves a modern story with a related historical story, throwing in some metaphysics and subtle romance and a bit of humor. The modern day story of San Francisco is tender, funny, frustrating and suspenseful as the characters grapple with their perplexing new ESP abilities. The main character, a third grade teacher, has beautiful and funny interactions with his students that hit the mark (I come from a family of elementary school teachers, so I’ve heard countless funny stories about such child-to-child interactions).

The historical story in China is sad, frightening and fascinating, but the author keeps giving the reader a glimpse of hope with the determination of the historical protagonist. The emotions that Buchholz is able to convey to the reader throughout the book are limitless. I was exhausted after reading some sections and laughed while reading others. It was fun identifying streets and areas around San Francisco (in the rain) and tiring to walk for miles in China. I really had a fun weekend reading this book and look forward to more from this author.

A multidimensional literary and emotional celebration of a reading; touched me deeply on many different levels. The stories within stories, the mystical influences and family ties boundless by time or distance, and the almost ethereal connection between China and the US West Coast forged over many centuries of hope and fear are all contained in this adventure that gathers momentum at an incredible pace.

On several occasions, tugging at my emotional heart, I felt very connected to the protagonist, the challenges he faced and the joy of defeating those challenges. The multidimensional and spiritual aspects of the story, deeply connected to the mysticism of Cantonese culture, language, history and feng shui, sounded especially sweet to me after my time in Hong Kong. It was an exciting and emotional journey!

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