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A Spanish Sunrise book pdf download for free or read online, also A Spanish Sunrise pdf was written by Boo Walker.

Bestselling author Boo Walker first turned to his creative muse as a composer and banjo player in Nashville before working his way west to Washington state, where he bought a manor farm on the Yakima River. There, among the vines and barrels of wine, he fell in love with telling powerful stories that are now resonating in book clubs around the world. Full of colorful characters and boundless soul, her novels will leave you with an open heart and good humor.

BookA Spanish Sunrise
AuthorBoo Walker
Size2.3 MB

A Spanish Sunrise Book PDF download for free

A Spanish Sunrise Book PDF download for free

Adjusting to the death of his wife wasn’t easy for either Baxter Shaw or his eight-year-old daughter Mia. Baxter left his band and gave up his dreams to focus on being a single father, but that’s not enough: Mia is showing increasing behavior problems. And none have been able to face the past head-on… until the past catches up with them.

After the surprising results of a DNA test, Baxter and Mia travel to southeast Spain to connect with their mysterious roots. Residing in a centuries-old villa on a prestigious olive oil estate, they meet the family they never knew they had, including a woman whose strength and passion for the estate reminds Baxter of the love he lost , and for which it is not too late . to rekindle their own dreams.

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For Baxter and Mia, it’s a healing time in Spain, and the romance of the culture brings a new perspective on life. But as long-hidden family secrets are exposed and the estate’s fate is called into question, Baxter must choose to put the past behind him if he is ever to hope to find love and live again.

A Spanish Sunrise Book Pdf Download

A Spanish Sunrise introduces you to widower Baxter Shaw and his daughter Mia. Baxter blames himself for not being with his wife Sofia at the time of her death and is determined to be there for Mia as she struggles with the loss of her mother. As a single mom, Baxter makes some big life-changing decisions.

He decides to hide the details of his mother’s horrific death from Mia, and in order to get her away from where she might somehow notice those details, he decides to move to a different area. Quitting his music career at a time when he thinks his band has finally found recognition, he draws on his premarital work experience and starts his own construction business.

As they try to be brave and protect each other’s feelings, Baxter and Mia hesitate to talk about their shared loss and how it continues to affect their lives. When information from a DNA test (initiated by an adopted Sofia shortly before her death) reveals a big family secret, Baxter contemplates whether to ignore the information or somehow reveal Mia. Mia finds out and insists on tracking down the woman in another country who claims to be her biological grandmother online.

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Baxter isn’t too keen on listening to someone he considers a complete stranger, and isn’t sure if he should rule out the idea of ​​Mia hooking up online or meeting up with the self-proclaimed grandmother Mia asks for his approval, and though he sees a definite and almost uncanny resemblance between his late wife and the stranger.

After some arguments online, Mia convinces Baxter to go to Spain where their life will change forever as they learn more family secrets. They meet several of Mia’s biological family members, and depending on who they are with, Baxter believes that Mia will be accepted, welcomed, and even loved by her new family, but he is not.

Baxter alternates between feeling welcome and rejected, and at times feeling like he’s suspected of having some ulterior motive in bringing Mia to Spain.
It doesn’t take long for Baxter and Mia to learn how one big family loves and one big family fights, and those experiences make Baxter question whether bringing Mia to Spain to meet her sometimes fickle family members was the right thing to do or not Not . Have done.

During his time in Spain, Baxter has a lot to think about. Should she be happy that Mia found her mother’s family? Should he consider leaving his construction business in the United States for an unknown future in Spain with Mia and possibly someone else he met along the way?

Should he know the results of Sofia’s DNA test? Was Sofia trying to ease the pain of the two she loved most in the world?
When you see author Boo Walker’s name on a book, you know you’re going to enjoy reading it. His Spanish Dawn is no exception.

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This is a book you will want to read, you will hate going to bed and no matter how curious you are about how the story develops and ends, you will regret it when you get to the last page. This review was a little vague because I want the reader to know the details when Boo Walker is ready to reveal them. One thing is certain: Boo Walker never disappoints her readers.

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