Download A Summer Game [PDF] By Mary Kingswood

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A Summer Game book pdf download for free or read online, also A Summer Game pdf was written by Mary Kingswood.

BookA Summer Game
AuthorMary Kingswood
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A Summer Game Book PDF download for free

A Summer Game Book PDF download for free

A merchant family rising in the world. A family of landed nobles who stand by them. And the sons and daughters caught in the middle.

Angie Fletcher is the feisty and mischievous daughter of the family. All he wants in life is music and dancing, lots of nice new hats, and maybe just a prank or two with his easy-going family. She behaved unusually well during her season in London, fearing the slightest infraction would spoil all those glorious balls. Now it’s off to Bath and freedom for the family. A little game can’t hurt, can it? But the people of Bath aren’t as forgiving as Angie had hoped, and she soon finds herself in more trouble than she could have imagined.

A Summer Game Pdf Download

Mr. B. Appleby is a man of strict routine and still stricter principles. His orderly life was interrupted when his uncle got married and cut him off from his expected inheritance. He’s not quite sure what to do with his life, but maybe he can think of something. He doesn’t have a chance to marry now, but he doesn’t care: women are fleeting, frivolous creatures, unworthy of attention, and especially that irritating Fletcher girl, though she dances like an angel. But then a miracle happens: an anonymous letter from a secret admirer. After all, there’s a woman in Bath who cares. But who can it be? Who would be so brave?

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This is a complete story with a happy ending. A traditional Regency romance, parlor rather than bedroom. Book 3 of a series of 6 books.


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