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A Very Merry Romance book pdf download for free or read online, also A Very Merry Romance pdf was written by Lyssa Kay Adams.

BookA Very Merry Romance
AuthorLyssa Kay Adams
Size3.7 MB

A Very Merry Romance Book PDF download for free

A Very Merry Romance Book PDF download for free

Country music’s golden boy, Colton Wheeler, felt the fullest harmony when he was with Gretchen Winthrop. But for her, it was really a love him and the leave him situation. A year later, Colton is struggling to make music with only the Bromance Book Club standing between him and self-pity.

It’s hard for immigration attorney Gretchen not to feel a bit like Scrooge about holiday excesses when her clients struggle to pay their rent. When her estranged, rich family makes her an offer to help her, she can’t say no. All she has to do is convince Colton to become the new face of her whiskey brand. It is not a big thing . . .

Colton agrees to really consider Gretchen’s offer in the exchange for three dates before the Christmas. With the help of the Bromance book club, he is determined to prove that sparks still fly between them. But can Gretchen and Colton really overcome the ghosts of the Christmas past to really build a future together?

A Very Merry Romance Pdf Download

OMG! HURRAH! The latest book in the Bromance Book Club series A Very Merry Romance is finally here! I feel like I’ve been waiting for A Very Merry Romance book for a long time, but thankfully I finally got my book and read Colton and Gretchen’s story. Set against a Christmas backdrop, the Bromance Book Club gang is at it again, with more lessons and tips to learn and tips, the boys went to great lengths to help Colton try to win over determined immigration attorney Gretchen. This series has always been awesome and with more hilarious shenanigans to come, I was excited to see what Colton and Gretchen had in store.

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The beginning of A Very Merry Romance briefly filled in some gaps with information where Colton and Gretchen met…very intimately. After Mack and Liv’s wedding reception, Colton and Gretchen shared an exciting night together, and while Colton expected more, Gretchen thought it best to go their separate ways. Fast-forward a year later and it seemed like Colton still couldn’t let Gretchen out of his sight. Gretchen, on the other hand, also thought about Colton from time to time, but she tried to put him on the back burner to focus on her case since she was an immigration attorney.

Both Colton and Gretchen were busy focusing on their careers while juggling the many responsibilities that came with their careers. It seemed like they would never see each other again, but…since Gretchen’s older brother wanted her to convince Colton to become an ambassador for his new line of whiskey, it seemed that fate had other plans to bring Gretchen back. to Colton.

It’s always fun to come back to this series, especially when the guys are still so relatable and hilarious. This time, the boys had even more information to give Colton. What I love about this series is how, with each book, children not only learn new lessons for themselves, but also become aware of issues that may be overlooked, such as: B. Being aware of the actions of others the rest. Aside from Colton, it’s always so much fun to see the guys together, from Gavin to Vlad to Noah to Malcolm and so on.

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I say it every time I read the books, and I’ll say it again, you should read these books because they’re funny, sweet, lovable, heartfelt, romantic, and touch on important themes. Also, this book was filmed around Christmas, making it the perfect book to get you into the Christmas spirit.

As I read A Very Merry Romance, I understood both Gretchen and Colton better. Little did I know this book would have a grumpy/sunshine reverse. Gretchen, the grumpy one who didn’t like Christmas, and Colton, the merry, Christmas-loving man, were a good couple, and yet they were complete opposites. Colton did his best to make it clear to Gretchen that Christmas was great, and though Gretchen resisted her efforts, she sometimes had to smile at the thought Colton had put into dating her.

With the added bonus of also reading the story “A Cold Winter’s Night,” which was the book Gretchen and the kids read for book club, we were able to see the parallels to this story, which ran alongside Gretchen and Colton. Seeing how Gretchen and Colton were essentially similar to the main characters in the book they were reading was ironic, but it also highlighted important points that Colton was trying to show Gretchen. With each book the group read, the characters also grew.

For example, Gretchen not only became obsessed with the book, but there was some truth to the story that was eerily similar to her own circumstances in which she was propelled into her career, and also reticent, as she was totally grumpy. Colton, the sun, also had to learn his own things from him, like really thinking about what he wanted to do with his life and his career. Also, it’s always great to see characters talk about the different tropes we know and love and to be aware that they themselves embody certain tropes haha.

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Still, when Colton and Gretchen shared a hot night a year ago, the chemistry between them was still there. Throughout their dates and time together, Colton was still very obsessed with Gretchen, while Gretchen initially seemed hesitant to pursue anything with Colton. Gretchen was attracted to Colton, and he made her laugh and smile, despite her attempts not to.

When they got to the little spicy part, I was like, “Oh yeah, they still have it,” haha. In case you’re wondering, the books switch to the realm of spices, but overall the range is from fairly tame to a bit spicier depending on the time. Overall, I’d say this book was a bit spicy, but not too spicy. Also, the overall series ranges from one to possibly three in the area of ​​spices.

Overall, A Very Merry Romance book was cute and sweet. Colton and Gretchen had their fair share of obstacles to overcome, but they eventually got through it with a clearer understanding and an endless amount of love for each other. A good book to get into the Christmas spirit. I found the epilogue wholesome and just showed how much Gretchen had changed to better solve her problems and finally embrace the love and family she found with Colton and the gang. With the theme of found family, Christmas, fun times and some romance, this was just a sweet book to read.

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