Download Ace Of Shades [PDF] By Deborah Wilde

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Ace Of Shades book pdf download for free or read online, also Ace Of Shades pdf was written by Deborah Wilde.

BookAce Of Shades
AuthorDeborah Wilde
Size355 KB

Ace Of Shades Book PDF download for free

Ace Of Shades Book PDF download for free

Gehenna is not on Google Maps and there is no Angel Annihilation for dummies. For Miriam Feldman, list lover at its finest, this is an irritating oversight.

It’s OK. She’s got this mission under control. Sure, your orders are vague and your team is ready to fire, but you’ve got plenty of motivation to lead them to victory.

Revenge counts, right?

While ridding the world of heavenly menaces won’t fill Miri’s karmic bank, stopping a vampire contagion will definitely earn her some goodwill.

Unless they kill her. That’s another option.

One she doesn’t want to worry about as she gets to enjoy her shiny new relationship with a sexy wolf. And frankly, his family’s dysfunction makes hers seem pretty insignificant.

How’s that for positive thinking? She’ll get to the point.

Happily ever after, here it comes.

Ace of Shades, the suspenseful finale, offers late romance, poignant mystery and magical middle-aged adventure.

Ace Of Shades Book Pdf Download

A great end to a phenomenal series. Miriam meets the fallen angel Dumah in Gehenna, where he whets her appetite for revenge on her parents and lost childhood. A new client with surprising connections seeks help ending the vampire contagion.

Now, with one more mission and one failure under his belt, he must call on those he trusts if he hopes to finish KH, finally unravel the angels, and with luck, hard work, and a strong determination, he can can Find a solution to the virus that affects vampires. I loved this book. The author has done an amazing job with this series, its world and characters. They are extremely friendly, it’s exciting, fun, steamy and entertaining. This is a series not to be missed and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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This is my favorite Deborah Wilde series! I will miss this group of characters. Miri is very funny and understandable for me as a woman in my forties. Juggling her life: daughter, relationships, work and what she wants from life created a great life story filled with magic, action and mystery. A great relaxed ending. Things ended and we got the answers that were left. I love it and it’s sad that it’s over. But I will definitely read this series again.

The end of the arc of the series was epic. We get the HEA, lots of takeaways, and a great story. Our vengeful self sees the culmination of Miri’s quest to avenge her parents’ deaths and much of Deborah’s sarcastic dialogue, which I think defines all of her books. Now a story from Laurent’s pack in Europe would be great!

A great cast of characters. Some we knew, others were new. The mystery is finally solved for all the questions that have been brewing. Big final. I love Miri and will miss her.

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