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Aidan book pdf download for free or read online, also Aidan pdf was written by Nyssa Kathryn.

AuthorNyssa Kathryn
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Aidan Book PDF download for free

Aidan Book PDF download for free

Some loved ones you can’t leave behind…

Cassie Webber had it all. A man who loved her, a mother and sister who were all the family she needed and a job she loved. Until everything changed in the blink of an eye. Now her mother and Aidan are gone and her sister is in danger. Cassie is willing to do anything to save her, including marrying her best friend and returning to a place she swore she would leave. He almost manages to extract Mia before everything changes again, and Cassie herself is the one who gets kidnapped.

Aidan Pdf Download

After a life-changing kidnapping rehearsal, former Special Forces operative Aidan Pratt has thrown himself into the new security business he’s started with his teammates. He uses his military training and a variety of enhanced skills to keep people safe while trying to escape the memory of Cassie, who has moved on without him during his two-year absence. But the universe has other plans, and before he knows it, heis hired to rescue the woman he’s trying to forget.

With Cassie back in his arms, the full extent of her danger will become apparent and he will burn the world down to protect her. After all, he’s never been afraid of danger… but losing Cassie a second time? He can’t think of anything more terrifying.

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Once again the author delivers another wonderful story in this popular series. A series about ex-military men who were part of the weapons project, had their DNA altered and then were kidnapped. Men who have now started a business to help others.

This time the story belongs to former Special Forces member Aidan Pratt and his ex-girlfriend Cassie Webber.
When he was released from captivity, he was heartbroken to discover that the woman he loved had married someone else.
Cassie still loves Aidan, but when her sister returns to the cult they left as children, she feels that the only way to protect her sister was to return to the cult and marry her old friend Damien .
When Cassie’s life is in danger, Damien contacts Aidan to save her.

From there, this action-packed story captivated the reader not only because of the danger but also because it was obvious that the love between Cassie and Aidan was still strong.
This suspenseful romance is another great addition to the series and I, for one, can’t wait to see what else the author has in store for us.


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