Download An American Alibi [PDF] By Emily Queen

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An American Alibi book pdf download for free or read online, also An American Alibi pdf was written by Emily Queen.

BookAn American Alibi
AuthorEmily Queen
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An American Alibi Book PDF download for free

An American Alibi Book PDF download for free

Two dogs for the price of one.

It wasn’t love that made Rosemary follow Desmond to New York City, it was curiosity, and everyone knows the old adage about how curiosity killed the cat.

It’s not surprising when a corpse turns up, but this time the case is doubly confusing. Everyone has means, motives and opportunities, but no alibi!

Good thing old Des has excellent taste in friends; Your new American friend has a few tricks up her sleeve, maybe as many as Rosemary.

An American Alibi Pdf Download

Our intrepid detective must join forces with her American counterpart when she is forced to unravel the mystery and solve the case.

Book 10 in the Mrs. Lillywhite examined”.

Are you ready to escape into the roaring 20’s? For fans of Beth Byers, Leighann Dobbs, Lee Strauss and cozy historical whodunits.

A light and cozy thriller without swear words, graphic scenes or exciting moments.

What a delicious secret! Rosemary Lillywhite is visiting New York City with her brother Frederick, her best friend and sister-in-law Vera, and her boyfriend Desmond. She finds herself embroiled in another mysterious murder when one of her new acquaintances, Ruby Snow, is murdered at Charles Pennington’s Park Avenue home. Mr. Pennington was Miss Snow’s fiance.

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The Pennington Mansion was to be the site of an auction of the valuables of Mr. Pennington’s late wife, Jade. Will Rosemary and her friends be able to solve the crime? Find out by reading this interesting mystery. I would highly recommend this book to other Mystery readers.


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