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Anansi Boys book pdf download for free or read online, also Anansi Boys pdf was written by Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman is the #1 New York Times bestselling author with over twenty books, including Norse Mythology, Neverwhere, and The Graveyard Book. His numerous literary awards include the Newbery and Carnegie medals, as well as the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Will Eisner awards. He is an art professor at Bard College.

BookAnansi Boys
AuthorNeil Gaiman
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Anansi Boys Book PDF download for free

Anansi Boys Book PDF download for free

Fat Charlie Nancy’s normal life ended the moment her father dropped dead on a karaoke stage in Florida. Charlie didn’t know that her father was a god. And he never knew that he had a brother. Brother Spider is now at her doorstep and wants to make Fat Charlie’s life more interesting. . . and much more dangerous.

Anansi Boys Book Pdf Download

It had everything (or enough that I can’t even think of anything to complain about) that I like to see. It was hilarious (British style). It was rich and immersive (so now I feel like I visited Florida). And the characters! I usually don’t like the main character in most of the books, but Fat Charlie was almost totally relatable, both before and after his transformation.

I loved the little mental nudges that he thought were contrary to what he was really doing. I liked that he had a flaw in how shy he was. And even after that, I love that he mentions that he still has stage fright but gets over it anyway. But I didn’t just like Fat Charlie, I liked the do-gooder Rosie, I liked Spider in all of his craziness (and his transformation into a caring man) and the four “witches.”

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The plot itself I think is something I admired. That is, while there are a lot of magical and adventurous things and some discoveries through Daisy, it’s mostly a personal arc of transformation (for both Fat Charlie and Spider). The main villains are not (the bird woman and the weasel) but the conflicting personalities of Fat Charlie and Spider. I seriously loved this. (And also the fact that neither of them were actually present when Rosie was rescued at the climax, which I admired and oddly enough didn’t miss.)

Then there is the world. I’ve seen urban fantasy in a variety of forms, but I think the way Gaiman writes this world is the tone that sets it apart. There is this general fairy tale or folk narrative that surrounds the story and the way the magic works is very story driven (what I mean is that one of them say Anansi is telling a story and they meld with the actually, I think) I’ve seen something like this before, but the way Gaiman writes it, I don’t know, it felt magical.

In closing, I would like to say that I loved this book and will definitely read more of Gaiman. I’m sad it took me so long to get to his works!

Neil Gaiman was born in Hampshire, UK in 1960 and now lives near Minneapolis. He has written novels, graphic novels, and comics. He has won multiple awards including 4 Hugos, 2 Nebulas and 4 Bram Stokers. His novels include American Gods, which was first published in 2001 and adapted for television in 2017. It won multiple awards for Best Fantasy Novel in 2002. Anansi Boys was first released in 2005 and, while not a sequel to American Gods, is at least one cousin.

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Charlie Nancy has lived in London since she was 10 years old after her mother left her father. She had never liked her father and she thought it was the best decision she had ever made: the couple seemed to have little in common. Charlie’s father was an absolute charmer: outgoing, full of arrogance and mischief, a wonderful singer, and an absolute charmer. Charlie, on the other hand, has no confidence in himself. (That he grew up with the name “Fat Charlie”, thanks to his father, he can’t have helped).

Charlie now lives in London and works at the Grahame Coats agency. (They provide financial services to the rich. Coats, the boss, is an outright con man who rips off his clients.) Charlie is engaged to Rosie, who, despite Charlie’s legitimate objections, wants to invite her future father-in-law to the wedding.

She agrees to look for her father and in the first phone call she finds out that the old man has just died. He travels to America for the funeral, where he discovers that his father was actually Anansi, the trickster spider god. He also has a brother he didn’t know, one who inherited at least some of his father’s abilities and is about to wreak havoc on his life.

“Anansi Boys” was a little different than he expected: a shorter book than “American Gods,” lighter in tone and more fun. You don’t need to read “American Gods” first; although there is a connection between the books, one does not link to the other. An entertaining and easy to read book, definitely recommended.

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