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Anastasia book pdf download for free or read online, also Anastasia pdf was written by Sophie Lark.

AuthorSophie Lark
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Anastasia Book PDF download for free

Anastasia Book PDF download for free

Anastasia is the princess nobody needs: the fourth daughter of a childless emperor and the only queen without a magical gift.

She until she bumps into a rebellious young Cossack and changes her life forever.

Damien is taken from everything he knows and raised as a ward of the Romanovs.

Anastasia develops a strange type of magic shared only by Black Monk Rasputin.

Anastasia Pdf Download

As she secretly grows in power, fueled by forbidden contact with Damien, Anastasia makes a mistake with dire consequences.

Her fate grants her a chance to make amends… but saving what she lost may cost her everything she holds dear.

If you lived in the 90s, you saw the animated movie and you have feelings for this woman and her family. This is the adult version you need, perfectly combining the brutality of true history with a magical fantasy world and an alternate future.

If you’re a Sophie Lark fan but not a fantasy reader and this makes you nervous, you’ll be fine! This is a thick book, but it’s not dense: it still contains characters you’ll have strong feelings for, darkness, humor, and in essence the motivations of connection and love that drive all their stories. Trust that Sophie knows how to guide you on this new adventure with her excellent writing style and her belief in the story she is telling.

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We follow Anastasia and Damien, a captured Cossack, through different stages of their lives. In this world, almost everyone has a skill. I won’t reveal his due to spoilers, but Damiens has forced him to put some distance between himself and the rest of the world. He has a hard time making connections, but against his will, he and Anastasia become friends and both feel stronger. I love that the things that separate them make sense: the difference in status, their abilities, the incredible weight of cultural history, they don’t take these things lightly.

Both characters are intelligent and caring, trying to find a way to be true to themselves while acknowledging these intense feelings for the other person. This is a love story written in the soulmate stars that complete me and it’s a bit slow but once it starts you feel in your bones how unbreakable they are.

There are also fantastic supporting characters here. The ones you love (Felix Yusupov ❤️?) and the ones you will hate so deeply and completely that they could haunt you. At one point I had to stop and laugh out loud at what happened to a character. But I’m kind of a bad person, so I definitely enjoy fictional character deaths, the more brutal the better.

Some characters are likeable but morally questionable, and their conflicting feelings are a sign of how good Sophie is at telling this story: the Romanovs weren’t good, and they weren’t all evil. You can cry for them, but you also know that they continued the crisis that destroyed them. I’ve spent much of the last 20% crying on and off over events.

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Truly, the resolution of this book deserves all the praise. I didn’t see the twist coming at all, and I’m a champ at guessing, and something like this hurts while showing you why it’s the only way it can happen. I promise the HEA is here, it’s just a walkthrough of how it happens and what it means for different characters.

This is a solid introduction to a world Sophie intends to work more on and it will make you wonder where she’ll go from here, while also knowing that Anastasia and, frankly, Russia are having a happier ending. A hopeful world that we wish for and a love story beyond time.

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