Download Anti-Hero [PDF] By Kelly Fox

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Anti-Hero Book pdf download for free or read online, also Anti-Hero pdf was written by Kelly Fox.

AuthorKelly Fox
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Anti-Hero Book PDF download for free

Anti-Hero Book PDF download for free
Anti-Hero Book PDF download for free

Spoiler alert: This isn’t some sad exploration of my tragic past. I have a list of the people who bought and sold me. And they aren’t getting a redemption arc.

I was luckier than most. I was rescued by a team of guys who search out people like me, and now I get to work with them. But I’m not the hero of this story. 

Anti-Hero Pdf Download

 I don’t forgive. I don’t forget. And I’m about to cut a bloody swath across this part of the globe in retaliation for what they did to me.

My only problem? I’m in love with one of my rescuers, and he still thinks I’m a helpless kid, even though I’ve been killing evil men for months. When he offers to help with my little revenge spree, I know it’s only because he worries about my safety.

If he’s going to keep looking at me like that, though, he might be the one in danger.

Anti-Hero is for the wild hearts out there who, despite being all love and light, still need their revenge. epub

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