Download Auctioned To The Grizzly Shifter [PDF] By Olivia T. Turner

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Auctioned To The Grizzly Shifter book pdf download for free or read online, also Auctioned To The Grizzly Shifter pdf was written by Olivia T. Turner.

BookAuctioned To The Grizzly Shifter
AuthorOlivia T. Turner
Size429 KB

Auctioned To The Grizzly Shifter Book PDF download for free

Auctioned To The Grizzly Shifter Book PDF download for free

The series where the highest bidder really always wins.
Welcome to a unique auction house where humans, shapeshifters, and aliens bid on love.
These ultra-rich men are ready to take home their virgin prizes.
Are you ready to participate and would you like to be the one on the auction block?

Three stand-alone stories from bestselling authors Hope Ford, Olivia T. Turner, and Michele Mills. You have never seen an auction house like this!

Auctioned To The Grizzly Shifter Book PDF download for free

Dylan is very successful and also sexy, but his bear doesn’t see it that way. Dylan’s bear wants her MATE and has ruined many suits and family gatherings because he is tired of waiting for her. Luckily, Dylan’s uncle proposes an exclusive auction to give his bear some action, and Dylan agrees just in time for his bear to ruin another suit.

Lucy has pride, determination and the worst streak of bad luck. The loss of her home, her belongings, her job, her car AND her dog have left her at her lowest point. But a business card under her windshield offers a second chance disguised as a virgin auction. What does she have to lose?

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I love digging into Olivia T. Turner’s bear shifter stories! Men and their bears can be grumpy jerks, but once they find their mate, they’re teddy bears. (Teddy bears ready for some hot, sweaty SEX bring you back to life, of course!) Dylan and Lucy would be cute together, even if they weren’t friends. But of course, their bond makes meeting each other that much cuter! I mean, how can you not love a bear to help you find your dog? Definitely friends to get excited about (especially after your messy first date!) and a quick, sweet, sexy story to enjoy!

Dylan feels frustrated and completely angry, he is at the wedding of his younger brother with his fateful partner. But Dylan isn’t mad at his brother or his finances, he’s mad that he can’t find his fateful mate. Well he and his grizzly are tired, if he waits any longer his grizzly will take over and drive him crazy. He left his family no choice but to put a bullet in his head. His uncle suggests that he take a temporary wife so his bear will have something to play with. But that doesn’t suit you. But he can’t find her, so he takes his uncle’s suggestion to heart and goes to the bridal auction.

Lucy is unlucky when she sees that she is being evicted, her dog is locked in her apartment. All her things are gone. There is no more money in her account, she is really f@#$ed! But a stranger gives her a business card for an auction offering $1 million to sell her virginity. can she?

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Dylan’s day is given a touch of seductive, sweet scent, so inviting to his senses. But he is suddenly gone. He wants to search for this scent, but he starts the auction. But every time he opens a door and reveals a new woman, he picks up a different scent from her. Will he be able to find her, better yet, will he be able to win her bid?

Auctioned To The Grizzly Shifter is a fun, easy to read, super sexy delight! This is my first Olivia T. Turner novel and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely read more of her works. This book is full of action and such burning passion. If you like the super sexy alpha shifters, this book is really for you! I was drawn to the characters and the plot made me turn the page. Olivia T. Turner writes entertaining books full of spice and heat. If you’ve never read an alpha shifter romance, get ready for heroes who know what they want and take it, while being loving, protective, and romantic with their companions. I didn’t want this novel to end!

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