Download Bad Boy Bachelor Claus [PDF] By Ali Parker

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Bad Boy Bachelor Claus book pdf download for free or read online, also Bad Boy Bachelor Claus pdf was written by Ali Parker.

BookBad Boy Bachelor Claus
AuthorAli Parker
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Bad Boy Bachelor Claus Book PDF download for free

Bad Boy Bachelor Claus Book PDF download for free

Ali and Weston created the perfect pairing of the characters Chadwick and Tinsley. Alone, they weren’t one to sit around and wait for someone else to do their job. When they were forced to work together, they were adorable Santa Claus and his priceless elf. Let the party begin! His jokes were hilarious and his appeal was ooh la la! His story got me in the Christmas spirit and made me laugh and sigh at his mishaps and wonders. Yes, your adventure is so good!

This is a holiday foe for office romance lovers, it was an entertaining read.

Bad Boy Bachelor Claus Pdf Download

Chadwick Bramford is the handsome single bad boy that women are always talking about, trying to get into his bed. He’s the king of one night stands and sometimes he has to use his assistant to get her out of bed. He has no immediate plans to have a family or even a long-term girlfriend. He thinks the Head of Events needs to lose control and stop being so serious, so he teases her by giving her a nickname.

Tinsley is the events manager at Bramford’s, she especially loves the holiday season and often goes to great lengths to decorate Bramford’s offices and shops. However, she thinks Chadwick needs to grow up and most importantly, he needs to stop calling her Tinsel.

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When Chadwick’s father decides it’s time to step down and let Chadwick take over, he added a clause. Chadwick has to spend the month of December playing as Santa at the company’s many events, and he needs an elf with him. Chadwick chooses Tinsley because she’s so focused and should be able to keep him on track, plus she seems to be loving the season.

Tinsley definitely didn’t want this job, but she’s a team player. After a few events together, they now have a renewed respect for each other and also develop an attraction. Can Tinsley be the one to change the only bad boy?

The sexual chemistry between these two and the family banter make this a great read.

Chadwick Bamford learns that his father is ready to retire and wants to hand over the company to him. But one requirement Santa has to play in many capacities throughout the month. There will be photo shoots and promotional functions. You must choose someone to be your elf.

Tinsley has worked for the company for ten years as a party and event planner for all of its businesses. She was the one in charge of decorating the stores. He always felt that Chadwick was spoiled and arrogant. He always called her tinsel. He knew she hated that name.

His father told him to choose someone to be his elf and work with him as Santa by his side.
He chose Tinsley. She was so upset that he chose her. He had a lot to do with his own work to open a new story in Times Square.

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She was really even more upset when she saw the elf costumes she really had to wear. Chadwick looked like a sex Santa and she looked ridiculous in her striped tights and elf outfits.
What starts as hatred slowly turns into a fun outing at every performance they attended. She saw a different side of him. Someone with compassion and a funny side to them.

He would still like to get under her skin, but he was beginning to worry about her.
What was once hostility became respect and love.
I loved their chemistry and the way they complemented each other.

Another great success from Weston and Ali Parker.
I love her stories of people who don’t like each other and I love and respect her again.
steamy scene too

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