Download Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving [PDF] By Weston Parker And Ali Parker

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Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving book pdf download for free or read online, also Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving pdf was written by Weston Parker And Ali Parker.

BookBad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving
AuthorWeston Parker And Ali Parker
Size683 KB

Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving Book PDF download for free

Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving Book PDF download for free

There’s only one thing I want to put on my Thanksgiving table this year, and it’s not turkey. It’s my new employee.

My assistants keep quitting and it seems I’m the problem. Probably not.

I just couldn’t find the right one. up to her.

And of all things, a pumpkin farm.

There’s really no way she’s cut out to work in my world, but I still really find myself offering her the job.

Maybe it’s because she’s so desperate to save her family’s farm.

No, because I want her in my bed.

Mixing business and also pleasure is a terrible idea, but this woman really seems to have deserved my downfall.

She’s sassy, ​​beautiful and gets through.

Unfortunately, it’s really also great at the resisting what I know we both want.

It’s really all business with her until I really can’t think straight.

I only have one thing on my mind and it’s not the holidays.

This woman is bringing the bad stuff to my big Thanksgiving parade.

She just doesn’t know how hot she gets.

Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving Pdf Download

Treyton Corral is in charge of New York’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and just lost his assistant with just over a month to put it all together. Macy Wright runs her family’s farm almost single-handedly and they are running out of time before they have to sell because no bank will give them another loan. The two meet when Treyton arrives at Mallory Farms to pick a thousand pumpkins for the parade, and guess who’s loading them onto wagons? Macie. This is a big sweet meeting!

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At his brother Blane’s urging, Treyton goes to the farm and offers Macy the job, which comes with a hefty salary. With just a blink of an eye as to how the money could save the farm, Macy reaches out to shake up the deal, and so they begin their journey together.

As a tribute to “My Fair Lady,” Trey, as Henry Higgins, and Macy, as Eliza Doolittle, spend Day One shopping for clothes that are more acceptable than their jumpsuits. They then enter into a very efficient professional relationship until they fall in love sexually. And it also begs the question of how Macy can keep two full-time jobs, one in Manhattan and one on the farm where her argumentative, stubborn, and change-resistant father rules. What a drama!

Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that readers will not be disappointed with this novel written by two extremely talented authors. Weston and Ali Parker weave a tightly knit plot that includes funny, flirty, clever and sarcastic banter, lush landscapes and a peek – including a surprising celebrity – into the secret world of New York’s famous Thanksgiving Day parade. Add in some hot, passionate romance, and what’s not to like?

I love love love this story! I exclaimed ooh and aah between sighs and smiles as I rushed to see if Macy and Treyton had finally found their HEA, and I’ll bet a pumpkin wagon you already know the answer. Do yourself a favor and get in the holiday spirit with Bad Boy Bachelor Thanksgiving.

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