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Be Your Everything book pdf download for free or read online, also Be Your Everything pdf was written by Catherine Bybee.

BookBe Your Everything
AuthorCatherine Bybee
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Be Your Everything Book PDF download for free

Be Your Everything Book PDF download for free

With two doting older brothers and a traditional Catholic Italian mother, it’s amazing that Chloe D’Angelo can pull off a date without anyone in the family betraying her romantic choice. And Dante Mancuso… oh no. Your brother’s best friend is not a dating app swipe.

But when they are left unsupervised for a night in Las Vegas, everything changes. Add in a Las Vegas wedding chapel and a few yes words, and Chloe wakes up with a ring on her finger and a hangover. Dating Dante was always a secret desire, but getting married? The rupture this news would cause in their family causes them both to keep their wedding to themselves as they struggle to undo their mistake in Las Vegas.

Dante knew the rules: Chloe was taboo. Only he can’t stop once his mind starts to believe that she could be his forever. Just as her attraction grows, Chloe runs to Bali, desperate to clear her head.

All Dante has to do is stop his brothers from killing him and convince Chloe that they are meant to be together. But first Dante has to find her.

Be Your Everything Pdf Download

I absolutely loved Catherine Bybee’s Be Your Everything, the second book in her D’Angelos series. I love that Catherine Bybee continues to write the books I love to read. I can honestly say that Be Your Everything is one of the most entertaining books I’ve read lately. Be Your Everything is a beautifully written story about perseverance and dealing with all of life’s shortcomings. I loved every page and was unable to put it down! Catherine Bybee continues to prove she’s an incredible storyteller.

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Be Your Everything is a beautiful love story that fills me with a rollercoaster of emotions and I couldn’t put it down. I loved every moment of every page. I love the amazing love story, the setting and the amazing characters! Catherine Bybee definitely doesn’t disappoint her readers with all the feelings in Be Your Everything and she has once again delivered an amazing story filled with everything I’ve come to love and expect from her books, especially the amazing characters, they make you feel like family. and the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner.

I love how Catherine develops her characters in a way that makes you fall in love and care for them like a good friend. Catherine Bybee continues to offer all that and more. I’m not sure how she does it, but Catherine Bybee has once again gifted her readers with a remarkable book. I love the lighter moments when I smile and laugh out loud. My favorite moments are the ones that tug at my heart and make me gasp as I read the heartbreaking moments. Be Your Everything is full of those moments and so much emotion.

Be Your Everything is the story of Chloe D’Angelo and her longtime crush and her brother’s best friend, Dante Mancuso. Chloe works at her family’s restaurant, D’Angelo’s in San Diego’s Little Italy, but her real passion is yoga. Dante currently resides in Positano, Italy, where he co-owns a small fleet of boats. Luca and Brooke’s wedding party travels to Las Vegas for their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Dante meets up with Chloe and the rest of the wedding party at the hotel before they go their separate ways. Dante and Chloe decide to follow each other on the Friend Finder app.

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When Chloe is dropped off at a nightclub with no way to pay the bar bill the women have found, Dante comes to her rescue. They continue to drink, gamble, and spend time together to wander around Las Vegas. The next morning, Chloe wakes up with a ring on the ring finger of her left hand that left her finger green when she took it off, with no memory of what happened the night before. Dante and Chloe agree to keep their drunken, accidental Las Vegas wedding a secret and not let their family know they got married.

Meanwhile, they quietly discuss getting divorced or having their marriage annulled. I love the chemistry between Dante and Chloe. Things heat up between them on New Year’s Eve, but soon after, Chloe leaves alone her dream of a lifelong trip to Bali for a yoga retreat. With the help of Salena, Chloe’s best friend, Dante travels to Bali to find Chloe and discuss her future.

I loved the candid conversation between Dante and Chloe where she opens up all about her dreams of doing yoga full time and tells Dante the real reason he originally went to Italy and why he stayed. I love the conversations Dante has with his mother, Rosa, to help him decide about his future with Chloe. My favorite part was the advice that Mawar, one of the women leading the retreat, gives to them, and Chloe echoes Dante.

A plot twist leads her family to learn the details of their Las Vegas marriage. I love how Dante admits how he took advantage of the situation to marry Chloe and that it wasn’t an accident. Another unexpected plot twist puts Chloe’s life in jeopardy. Be Your Everything is an incredible love story; I’m so glad Dante and Lou had a happy ending. I loved all the surprises that filled the pages of this love story, especially the meaning of Dante’s Valentine’s gift to Chloe.

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I love all the changes that Dante and Chloe are willing to make in order to have a life together. My favorite part was Dante’s proposal and the location of the proposal. I love how the epilogue ends happily ever after. I love all of the characters in this series, I enjoy all of the interactions between the D’Angelo brothers, it feels like true family love and makes me laugh at their teasing.

I loved interacting with the other characters on D’Angelo’s series, it felt like a family reunion. Be Your Everything is packed with outstanding characters, wonderful setting descriptions and incredible plot twists. Catherine Bybee’s descriptions are so real that I have been to Little Italy and Bali with Chloe and Dante. I love that Catherine Bybee always writes about strong women.

Be Your Everything is filled with bittersweet and poignant moments that I have come to love and look forward to in Catherine Bybee’s books. I look forward to reading the other books in the series. I recommend casual marriage to fall in love with brother’s best friend’s longtime love story.

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