Download Beach Blanket Wendigo [PDF] By Amanda M. Lee

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Beach Blanket Wendigo book pdf download for free or read online, also Beach Blanket Wendigo pdf was written by Amanda M. Lee.

BookBeach Blanket Wendigo
AuthorAmanda M. Lee
Size5.7 MB

Beach Blanket Wendigo Book PDF download for free

Beach Blanket Wendigo Book PDF download for free

Moonstone Bay is in turmoil. The DDA are on the run, but they won’t go down without a fight. While all of this is happening, Hadley Hunter works her magic. He’s managed to join his elemental friends for big wins and he believes this is important for the DDA fight, but it needs practice.
However, nothing is perfect.

When a tourist is found dead on a beach one night after hearing a series of terrifying howls, Hadley and her boyfriend Galen Blackwood believe they have a new mystery to solve. Trouble is, all signs point to a Wendigo…which shouldn’t be possible in Moonstone Bay.

Beach Blanket Wendigo Pdf Download

Things get even more complicated when the victim’s movements on the night of her death lead them to a local. He denies killing her, but something is clearly wrong.
There’s a Wendigo, a renegade DDA faction, and an airplane door that just won’t stay closed.
Hadley has a lot on his plate. However, nothing will stop you from doing what needs to be done. She’s ready to fight…even if that fight could kill her.

Hadley’s friends are determined to help, but as always, she’s the center of attention. Moonstone Bay is caught in a shift of incredible proportions, but only one faction can emerge victorious.
A fight is coming, and when the truth comes out, the whole world will shudder.
Buckle up because this ride is really going to be bumpy.

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Hadley and Galen, along with the rest of the team, confront the chaos caused by the DDA and prepare to change the order of things in the future. With strange creatures possibly escaping through an airplane door, the murder of a tourist and the romance blossoming among the group, it makes for an entertaining and exciting read. I loved !!

This is a good book in this series that sets things in motion for future books. The plot and the subplots really move quickly and the twists really make it hard to put the book down. I look forward to the next book!


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