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Beautiful Carnage book pdf download for free or read online, also Beautiful Carnage pdf was written by Heather Ashley.

BookBeautiful Carnage
AuthorHeather Ashley
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Beautiful Carnage Book PDF download for free

Beautiful Carnage Book PDF download for free

They say you always want what you can’t have…
And in my upper-class small town, everyone wants the Savage Six. Whether you should be her, hit her or fuck her, it depends on who you ask.

But for me… it’s Cole Callahan that I love.

The unofficial leader of the Savage Society and my father’s best friend.

Pretend I don’t exist… at least until I’m eighteen.

Then everything changes and this dangerous and ruthless man decides that I’m his.

you to worship.
you feel like it
belong to you.

Cole has big plans for our future, enduring plans that he won’t let me say no to.

But we have bigger problems as a new rival threatens the Savage Society’s and Coles’ position in it. War is coming and my killer friend is learning what “till death do us part” really means…

This is a passionate father’s best friend, a DARK age gap romance with triggers and themes often found in these types of books. A complete list of activation warnings can be found at the beginning of the book.

Beautiful Carnage Book Pdf Download

I love a book with strong characters that draw you so vividly into their world. From the first page I was hooked and wanted more. Fallon and Cole is exactly what you want from this genre. Fallon is not a stupid young woman, she is wise and vengeful herself. Cole has been waiting to make her his and he winces when he sees her window.

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The parts of this novel were predictable, yet well written and captivating. My only wish was that some of the “hunting/rescuing agony” would have been more visible and longer.

If you have any triggers, check the author’s warning page before you start reading. I personally enjoyed it (immensely), which some people might not approve of, but scenes like this just do for me.

The story does more to generate interest in the rest of the characters and desperately makes me explore their own stories right away. I think I see where Tristan will end up if I read that scene correctly of course.

One of the best books I’ve read so far in 2022!

There’s Cole, the possessive, controlling, obsessive, touch her and I’ll take your life, the male protagonist.

Then there’s Fallon. Defiant but a very stubborn female protagonist.

Fallon has had her heart set on Cole, her father’s best friend, since she was about 16 years old. The day she turned 18, he showed her that she was his despite an arranged marriage that was to take place between Fallon and Anton. Anton is a snake in the grass and part of a gang the Savage Six are trying to negotiate with.

The characters are cook kiss I want a cole and there’s a lot of smut with a great plot!

If you love tropes like br33ding, daddy’s best friend and an age difference (around 18 years), this is 100% for you! Hold on to your panties because this book is very hot.

I enjoyed this book. The spicy scenes were hot! The characters were nice. Good balance between action and spice.

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I liked that Fallon and Cole were confident and knew what they wanted. There was no unnecessary drama in their relationship. In so many books, characters miscommunicate and walk away when the whole problem could be solved with a simple conversation. Fallon and Cole just said what they thought, and I thought that was refreshing.

The way the Savage Six introduced themselves was also great. Lay a good foundation for future books in which each of them could find love.

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