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Beauty In Lies book pdf download for free or read online, also Beauty In Lies pdf was written by Adelaide Forrest.

Adelaide has always had a love of reading and writing, which she nurtured through years of passion and growth before finally publishing earlier this year.

You can count on intoxicating alpha males with a touch of darkness, captivated by the light of their women. Their romance generally includes themes of dark romance, colorful language, high steam, and graphic violence.

Adelaide lives in her tiny house with her husband and two mischievous demons that she worships. When she’s not chasing the three around the house, she spends all her free time writing and adding storylines that are stored on her bookshelf and hard drive.

BookBeauty In Lies
AuthorAdelaide Forrest
Size3.5 MB

Beauty In Lies Book PDF download for free

Beauty In Lies Book PDF download for free

My obsession with Isa started with a single look. From the moment I stood on the streets of Chicago in the midst of a Bellandi war, it consumed me.

I protected her and waited for the day when she would be mine. No matter what the cost, no matter what illusions I have to give her, she will be my wife.

Beauty In Lies Book Pdf Download

Beauty In Lies is a dark mob romance and you should heed the warning at the beginning of the book as it will contain triggers for some readers.

I will warn you that once you pick up this book, you won’t be able to put it down. Isa is a sweet and innocent naive girl who has spent her life taking care of her sister to make up for a mistake she believes she made as a child. Rafael sees Isa in Chicago when she is only seventeen, but he is a patient man and waits sixteen months after seeing her for the first time to introduce himself to her. Isa felt he was keeping a secret when they met.

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A secret somewhere about a woman and he shouldn’t be interested in her. But remember I said that she was sweet and innocent and that she really should care more about what kind of man he is than what kind of man he is. It’s dark and dirty and I can promise you sometimes you don’t know if you love it or hate it. But his saving grace, being the man you’re going to hate for being so ruthless, is the way he loves when he loves.

I really don’t want to tell you too much about the story. I think you have to go blind. It’s an absolutely amazing dark romance that you will become so addicted to. I loved every second of it. You won’t want to miss this book. I loved it so much!!

Raphael is the epitome of a jealous and possessive man, and when it comes to Isa, he knows no bounds. When they finally meet face to face for the first time, Raf is charming, sweet, and so focused on Isa it seems too good to be true.

As they continue their journey, Isa and Rafael find themselves in a vicious circle of push and pull, give and take. Between external forces, internal influences and Isa’s family, these characters take one beating after another and never get a chance to just be.

Adelaide Forrest has written a wonderful series, with revenge and revenge, despair and hope, but with intense love and passion.

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