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Believed book pdf download for free or read online, also Believed pdf was written by Rebecca Sharp.

AuthorRebecca Sharp
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Believed Book PDF download for free

Believed Book PDF download for free

Reed Lockhard loves his single life. Even after joining Covington Security, he’s still known as the viral sensation, the San Francisco hot cop. His nights are never lonely, and the gorgeous redhead who catches his eye from across the bar promises to be a night to remember .

And waking up covered in blood with a ring on your left hand would certainly be a night to remember, only Reed can’t remember a thing.

Callie Mayes doesn’t remember much, but she trusts the handsome security guard who’s determined to find the answers. With her sister missing and a cop dead, Reed is the only man who can help her. Unfortunately, he’s also one piece of evidence away from imprisonment. Until they can find out more about the night that brought them together, the longer they stay married, the more secure they both feel.

As the lengthy investigation comes to an end, Reed and Callie must work together to uncover the truth. As events develop, so does their relationship, and Reed falls in love with his unexpected wife.

But as Callie really begins to remember the things about that night, she really has no choice but to tell him. And when he does, for love’s sake, Reed will question everything he’s ever believed in.

Believed Pdf Download

For Covington Security readers we all know Reed from previous books like Hot Cop. This book tells us the story of Reed and finally we can realize that it is much more than that.

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Callie gave up her entire life, including her former boyfriend, to take care of and help her younger sister. When her sister finally misses her, Callie refuses to sit back and wait for the police to take her seriously. At the club hoping to meet his brother, Reed can’t help but be attracted to the beautiful redhead at the bar. He offers to buy her a drink, and while Callie is also attracted to Reed, all she can focus on is why she is there, information that will help her find her sister.

When Reed and Callie wake up the next morning, they find themselves in the same bed, their clothes bloody and both wearing wedding rings. Unfortunately, he also has no memory from the night before to know how all of these things happened. Figuring out what happened to them and finding Callie’s missing sister keeps this book filled with mystery after mystery. The bond Callie and Reed find as they overcome these obstacles is both beautiful and sexy. Reed has always feared being in a relationship, but once he realizes how much he loves Callie, he’s willing to sacrifice anything to protect her, even if it’s from himself. Luckily, Callie is a sweet, feisty woman who refuses to let Reed go.

Believed was another great book in the Covington Safety Series. dr Rebecca Sharp is a true storyteller with the way she writes and conveys characters from previous books and series. I can’t put his books down once I start, and this one was no different. I can’t wait for the final book in this series, where we finally get the HEA for our mysterious coroner, Rorik.

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Believed is the seventh installment in the Covington Security Series and as usual it doesn’t disappoint.

Reed, who has pushed himself to be single, sees Callie at a club one night and is immediately attracted to her. He notes that she seems “off” and when he sees her arguing with her date, he follows them outside. He passes out almost immediately. When they wake up in the morning, Callie and Reed find themselves in the middle of what appears to be a crime scene. But beyond that, they wake up married.

Neither of them have any memory of what happened after their brief interaction at the bar. When they turn on the TV, they discover that Callie’s date, a police officer she met to discuss her missing sister’s case, has been found dead. Were Reed and Callie involved in the murder? Will they really ever know the truth if their memories really don’t come back?

I felt Believed book was different from the other Covington safety books. We didn’t see much of the actual security business, we were more drawn to the two separate cases: the police murder and Callie’s missing sister. There were also parts where Reed and Callie felt that chemistry where they didn’t know if they should act. So it was busy, but it just worked.

I was happy with the ending of the book but as always I wanted more! I can’t wait to read Rorik’s story as it has been the biggest mystery yet.

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