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Bet You book pdf download for free or read online, also Bet You pdf was written by Neve Wilder.

BookBet You
AuthorNeve Wilder
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Bet You Book PDF download for free

Bet You Book PDF download for free

Whose brilliant idea was it to build college housing next to one of Franklin U.’s most notorious fraternities?

I’m a real student, the kind who actually came to college to learn, not some goofy frat boy who sees Franklin U as a four-year challenge to drink the most alcohol and pull the best come-on.

His 24/7 lifestyle is driving me crazy. Not to mention the idiots keep taking my assigned parking space.

But the worst offender might be Cory Ingram. Sure, he has a smile that could melt an ice cap, but there’s no way I’m going to be one of his minions. I’m pretty sure I made that clear when I blew him up. So I have no idea why he’s suddenly all around me and activating the charm like I could actually fall in love with him.

no It’s not going to happen.

From the day I walked into the Franklin U campus, everything was golden. I have tons of friends, endless parties and every night I want in my bed. Sure, I’m a shameless party animal, but I’m no idiot. Ask anyone. For real.

Even the grumpy old gardener says hello and smiles at me as I walk by.

Then there’s Spencer Crowe. I’ve never seen a man’s face get so red over a parking lot. Even when I’m trying to fix things, he continues to give me the lash of his life, which is about the time I realize he’s not only irrationally angry, but insanely hot.

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My friends think that I’ve finally met the one person I can’t seduce…

I bet I can.

Bet You Book Pdf Download

It was good to be back with Franklin U! I really enjoyed Cory and Spencer’s story. We met Spencer briefly in a previous story as a friend of Liam’s. We meet the two when Spencer finds out that their parking space is taken by Cory, one of the frat brothers who lives next door. These two begin a love-hate relationship, fueled largely by the “Bed Spencer” bet the brothers conjure up.

Cory thinks this is a no-brainer until she starts developing feelings for Spencer and the bet is the furthest thing from her. There were some very sexy moments in his book. Cory and Spencer’s windows faced each other and Cory’s window had no blinds. The taste Spencer was able to do resulted in one of the hottest solo sessions I’ve ever read! Me myself by fans I really got sucked into her story as Spencer’s walls finally came down and their relationship started to morph into more. The bet was inevitably busted, and Spencer was rightly upset.

Cue Cory does his best to get Spencer back; that was adorable. I loved their HEA, but would have liked to have spent more time with them as a royal couple and less time with Cory trying to woo Spencer. I love this series and the previous character pop-ins. I wish there was a little more of that here, but we got a look at some of the favorites which was great! Can’t wait to return to FU with the next one!

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First impressions? Cory and Spencer will cause trouble in the best way. Cory is portrayed as an arrogant and spoiled gamer. Coming from a rich family, he doesn’t really have to work for what he wants. He just parties and plays in college. Spencer has to work for it.

He is the most serious and hardworking guy. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a sense of humor. I liked the characters from the start. He knew there must be more to Cory’s surface vibrations than just the player. However, all he knew was that the bet would come back and bite him hard. I mean, who bets that you can get someone to sleep with you? An arrogant idiot, that’s who. But with this first hint of parking lot awareness, you can catch a glimpse of Cory’s true self.

That’s when I knew I had to go with it and see. It takes the young man some time to realize the error of his path, but eventually he does and it was refreshing to see. He recognized his mistakes and made amends. This multi-author series has been so much fun so far and I can’t wait to read the rest.

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