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Black Knight book pdf download for free or read online, also Black Knight pdf was written by Rina Kent.

Rina Kent is an international bestselling author of romance between enemies and lovers.

Her heroes are both anti-heroes and villains because she was always the weirdo who fell in love with the guys no one supports. His books are sprinkled with a touch of mystery, a healthy dose of fear, a dash of violence and plenty of intense passion.

BookBlack Knight
AuthorRina Kent
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Black Knight Book PDF download for free

Black Knight Book PDF download for free

Black Knight is part of the Royal Elite Series but can also be read on its own. To better understand the world, you should read the above books first. This is a high school bullying romance, new mature adult, and contains visceral mental health situations that some readers may find triggering.

Black Knight Book Pdf Download

Let me get the tech out of the way. There are some review errors, but this story is so good they’re easy to overlook and don’t take anything away.

I don’t normally like teen romances, but I was intrigued by the synopsis and the 3 chapter preview.
I’m not sure I would call this a bullying romance, although bullying is involved. But H’s bullying is not typical bullying and when you will find out why he did and said the things he did it will blow your mind but you will understand.

This story is more like Endless Love in the intensity of young people’s love feelings. Two young boys who grew up together and because they both suffered from neglect and emotional abuse at the hands of one of their parents, they supported each other and developed an extreme bond with one another. Over time, that bond turned into love…maybe not romantic love (they were just kids), but certainly more than puppy love. But at the age of 11, H makes a discovery that drives him away.

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When their support for each other is lost, they both fall into a nosedive in different ways. And being apart only causes agony as love and lust continue to grow with age despite being apart. As seniors in high school, things come to a head and fall apart completely before putting back together. This is a story of intense love, broken people, flawed people and how they finally get over each other.

Get ready… not to be able to put this book down, to feel the thrill of gagging and… crying… and I don’t mean a tear or two. I’ve only referred to certain films in this way, but this book…is definitely a teardrop. Keep your tissues handy.

Black Knight by Rina Kent is the 4 book in her Royal Elite series. A standalone book within the series that is best read AFTER the other books, but COULD be read on its own. Narrated in double POV by Kimberly Reed and Xander Knight, two people who were once best friends from childhood, but after a little trick when they were eleven, Kimberly lost Xander and became the object of her hatred and ridiculed ever since. But of course there is always more to it and over the course of the final year at the Royal Elite School Kimberly’s problems come to a head and she eventually catches Xander in action rather than reaction.

This book is DARK. The author provides all the appropriate trigger warnings (thanks for that), but it covers eating disorders, depression, suicide, twisted family dynamics, and more. The pain Kimberly felt throughout was palpable: Aside from a few funny one-liners, the writing is well done, the entire cast of RES characters has become my new obsession, and Rina Kent has become a writer for me , which is a must-read. This ends happily for Kim and Xan, but the journey is painful, powerful, and dark. Enjoy!

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