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Blood Moon book pdf download for free or read online, also Blood Moon pdf was written by Jillian Graves.

BookBlood Moon
AuthorJillian Graves
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Blood Moon Book PDF download for free

Blood Moon Book PDF download for free

Hazel has only one thing on her mind when she arrives at her coven’s supernatural mixer: find a large, furry creature that will make her forget her bar’s recent troubles. The hottest club in Los Angeles may be stealing clients from him, but for one night he wants to ditch his responsibilities and indulge his fantasies.

When relief unexpectedly arrives, skinless and fangs skinless, the witch gets more than she bargained for. An anonymous one-night stand gets a lot more complicated when it involves a mind-reading vampire…especially when Vlad could be the one responsible for her nightly nightmares.

Blood Moon is a Strange Moon novel set in the same universe as Titan: A Gargoyle Daddy Dom and set between Book 1 and Book 2 of the Romancing His Stone series. Don’t be surprised if a gargoyle or other familiar characters appear.

Note that the Strange Moon Novella series is lighter in tone and plot than the Romancing His Stone series, but packs the same racy punch.

Blood Moon Book Pdf Download

What an incredible read! There’s something about Jillian’s writing that blends the supernatural and the modern world very well. I love it. Worldbuilding is done in a way that doesn’t bother you, and there’s no pressure to learn a magical system or figure out the politics of the human/supernatural world. That’s something very few authors achieve in books, and Jillian far exceeds it.
I love Hazel, the FMC and her spark.

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We see a stressed but hopeful witch running her dream business with her bar, The Witchhazel. After meeting anonymously (more of a quick escape from the harassment of potential business partners), we meet Vlad, the MMC vampire. And boy does this story give us the spice right away? He later learns that this is in fact Hazel’s rival and owner of The Blackdoor, and builds the rest of the story into a great tale of rivals to lovers.

Another thing Jillian can do with her characters is make the spice super spicy but also delicious. Yes, Hazel has many desires that she wants to experience, and yes, Vlad falls completely in love with her first and wants to fulfill all of her desires, but the dynamic they have in terms of spice and intimacy is very well written.

Yes, there is consent, and yes, they act like adults should act with perverted dynamics. Vlad even asks permission to suckle blood and later even waives certain abilities to ensure no boundaries are crossed. Their relationship actually unfolds in a way that doesn’t seem forced or just driven by lust, and the romance they end up creating is both beautiful and hot.

Everything about this book was fantastic and October is the perfect month for this book. I absolutely adore it and everything was just perfect.
If you want a great paranormal/supernatural romance with an amazing cast of characters then read this book! Read all of Jillian’s work!

A Very Hot and Spooky Season of the Year must read!

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Is there anything better than a witch and a vampire in a paranormal encounter? I thought so, but was proven wrong. Vlad and Hazel made my heart and other places happy…well if you know, you know. The way they meet and progress worked well for this novel and personally I’m not sure we need more. would it have taken more? Absolutely. Necessary? Not necessarily.

Hazel owns the local bar frequented by many weird (paranormal) members and people. Vlad has a dream and investors get him to open a similar bar across the street. However, not everything is as it seems, there are certainly competitors. However, the way the two meet makes you believe in fate… in the form of a spicy potion and shower that involves all manner of relaxation techniques.

Hazel and Vlad have their ups and downs. Hazel is a strong, oversized main character who knows what she wants and has an urge to keep her bar open by any means necessary. This includes standing up to Vlad, even if he makes her feel things she hasn’t felt before. Vlad is a vampire who has seen and done a lot and now wants to make his dream come true. However, after meeting Hazel, he wonders if his dream will come true; or if he is just a pawn in someone else’s game. A game he doesn’t want to play, especially if Hazel doesn’t like him as a part of it.

In the realm of Ms. Graves’ spicy debut novel, Titan, spice awaits. For me, this novel has a scale of four out of five chilies. (Note that this is purely based on my opinion, I could more or less find it.) And some of the scenes are downright sizzling and she may just need to find her own vampire to sleep with.

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That’s a clear recommendation for me. While there were a few points in the novel that didn’t appeal to me personally, overall it was a great, fast-paced, and spooky read of the season. This is a must-have in the TBR Spooky Season roster.

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