Download Blood Song [PDF] By Hollee Mands

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Blood Song book pdf download for free or read online, also Blood Song pdf was written by Hollee Mands.

BookBlood Song
AuthorHollee Mands
Size601 KB

Blood Song Book PDF download for free

Blood Song Book PDF download for free

She owes her blood. She will pay for it with her life.
The ruthless killer Gabriel has few fears and even fewer qualms. Each head has its price, and each hunt is a thrill. He walks through life on a tightrope, mocking fate and death at every turn. So when he’s forced to hunt and bring back a prophesied blood sacrifice, Gabriel has no reason to expect trouble. Until he realizes who the target is: a wild, dark-eyed woman with an even darker secret…

He may not have a voice, but he speaks from her to her soul, and giving her up may be too great a price to pay.

Blood Song Pdf Download

Shyaree has spent her entire life burdened by terrible sin and the shame of her immutability. When her brother falls victim to a curse, curing him is her only chance of redemption. But she never expected to be kidnapped by an arrogant and intolerable fairy. She can’t trust him or his dealings…can she? She’s willing to use it, but working with him might be the only way to survive…

He demands her blood, but she can’t deny the way she summons her body or the danger she poses to her heart.

Author’s note:

Song of Blood is Book 3 of The Warriors of the Five Realms adult fantasy romance series. This book contains a standalone pair with guaranteed HEA, but to fully enjoy the overall fantasy arc, start with Book 1, Little Fire.

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Blood Song is intended for readers 18 years of age or older. Contains mature language and explicit scenes of violence and sex that some readers may find offensive or disturbing. A complete list of possible triggers can be found on the author’s website. Please read carefully.

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