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Bones book pdf download for free or read online, also Bones pdf was written by Aria Ray.

AuthorAria Ray
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Bones Book PDF download for free

Bones Book PDF download for free

Being with the man of my dreams could be the ideal opportunity to show him that I am no longer a little girl but a woman worthy of his attention.

When he looks at me, I want to see his face light up with desire, not a soft smirk.

But his loyalty to my brother and the nightmares of his past have caused Bones to build a wall of ice around his heart.

And I am determined to find a way to melt it and expel the demons that haunt it.

That is, if my crazy stalker doesn’t catch me first.

Because danger follows us wherever we go.

Can we eradicate it before it’s too late?

And when it’s all over, can we see past the taboos and dark secrets, or is this the end of the road for us?

Bones is the 13th book in the gripping and seductive Dark Slayers MC love series starring bikers who will remind you why you love bad guys so much. They are protective, resistant and run on pure diesel and adrenaline.
Each book in the series is a stand-alone book with a guaranteed happy ending for the couple, though reading them is recommended for maximum enjoyment.

Bones Book Pdf Download

Bones is the thirteenth book in the Dark Slayer MC series. The books are intertwined, but can probably be read individually. The series itself is phenomenal, set against the backdrop of a group of ex-military men who form an MC to support each other as they battle through the physical and mental aftermath of their time serving our country.

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Bones is beyond gripping and compelling, with plenty of drama, action, MC action, multiple story arcs converging into one big showdown, betrayal, some shocking surprises, a rescue, budding romance, and much more. Fred aka Bones and April really were made for each other, and it shows without the story getting corny. We experience both dealing with their own demons and learning that the world works better for them when they work together. Don’t judge a book by its cover comes to mind as I read this book.

This is part of the Dark Slayers MC series, each book can be read individually and connects through the MC members with each sexy member finding their old lady ?. Sexy as hell, Bones is a member of the Dark Slayers who has traumas he’s dealt with on a daily basis since childhood, growing up with an alcoholic father who lives with a nightmare that he was helping his best friend’s parents kill in a car accident that makes it difficult for you to be in a social situation and you find it difficult to deal with others.

April, his best friend’s sister, is smart, sassy, ​​in love with her brother’s best friend and now that she’s old enough, she knows who she wants and plans to go after him. She has made it her mission to open his eyes, to make him realize that they are only women, but she also sees him, his clumsiness and knows when to leave him alone, but if it is enough, she will wake up and see what happens. right in front of him? How will her brother feel about the two of them? Will they be able to find her much-needed HEA?

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Fred/Bones was a surprise to me. Especially after learning more about him in Hash’s book, I really didn’t think I’d like him as much as I do. I loved that Hash’s sister April helped give Fred the confidence to go from Fred, the potential client, to Bones the Slayer. She needed someone as wild and protective of him as April was. The story of him with April and Hash made me cry multiple times throughout the story, but it gave the story a real feel. As usual, there was plenty of humor, action, danger, and flavor throughout the story from start to finish. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I can’t wait to finally get the next Rust story!

A great forbidden story that made me love the way April pushed for Bones to be with her and show her what love is. But he hesitated since they have an age difference and she is the sister of his best friend. The story also revolves around Bones going from prospect to member. Lots of good moves that got me interested in how the club would deal with the issues they were facing.

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