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By A Thread book pdf download for free or read online, also By A Thread pdf was written by Lucy Score.

Lucy is a Wall Street Journal and Amazon Kindle Store bestselling contemporary romance and romantic comedy bestseller. He grew up in rural Pennsylvania with plenty of free time and a great imagination. She was the eldest of three in a book-obsessed household. Dinners were often spent in silence while family members buried their noses in books. His passion for writing began at the age of five when he taught his brother to write his name on the bathroom door.

He began writing (on paper) in second grade, first about pilgrims on the Mayflower, and over the years has written essays, articles, blogs, and eventually books. “Pretend You’re Mine” was his breakout hit and he’s been writing full-time ever since.

Non-romantic writing jobs include event planner, bartender, newsboy, and yoga teacher.

BookBy A Thread
AuthorLucy Score
Size2.5 MB

By A Thread Book PDF download for free

By A Thread Book PDF download for free

An engrossing and emotional workplace rom-com starring a grumpy boss hero who’s determined to save the day and a brave heroine who begins to wonder if her boss’s sexy vests actually hide a beating heart.

By A Thread Book Pdf Download

Buckle your gold belt for a ride with this book. Expect to laugh out loud, shed a few tears, get angry on behalf of some characters, feel your heart broken, swoon and most importantly, fall in love with so many of the characters in this book. You also need to install it yourself. It’s long, but the story moves at a good pace. You may be wondering where the time has gone.

This isn’t just a book of foes for lovers…it’s a tale of foes for friends of friends (so to speak) for lovers, with plenty of bumps along the way. The chemistry and tug of war between these characters jumps off the page. The jokes and sarcasm are hilarious, clever and entertaining. You can’t wait to see what they say and what they do next. Steam is hot with this one too. You know it’s good when there’s a lot of spark when the characters don’t even touch.

If I haven’t sold you the book yet, let me talk about Dominic. He’s one of the grumpiest heroes I’ve ever read… and he’s wonderful and glorious. He’s one of my favorite grumpy characters of all time. Not only that, there are also many layers. It was a real pleasure peeling off the layers of moodiness to find out what was inside and believe me it’s even better! To him, Ally is the self-proclaimed perfect Pollyanna. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows with her. Somehow he maintains this optimism through courage, determination and tenacity. There is a depth to these two characters that is a joy to explore.

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This book addresses a number of issues that are very relevant to today’s society and the family issues that many face. Kudos to the author for how she integrated the themes into the story in a very real and believable way. As in every book by this author, the supporting characters are just as intriguing and compelling as the main characters.

This is a completely standalone book and is not affiliated with any other book or series. All of these characters are new and a pleasure to meet. Whether you’ve never read this author or are a longtime fan, you definitely need this book. It is one of those that will accompany you in the best possible way for a while.

Lucy Score shows us with this release that she can write anything. He can write romantic comedies that will make you laugh until you cry. military romance? Of course. Beautiful heartbreaking stories of deep and lasting love? Yes, hot love scenes you dare not read in public? Absolutely. This new release, By a Thread, shows that he has the prose skills to deliver a hero who is both unbearable and can’t help but love, and a heroine who is, on the surface, quite sassy but pulled down by circumstances life is beyond your control in the moment.

In my personal opinion, there’s really no reason to read a romance novel unless you’re looking for a happy ending for the couple. Well, let me make it absolutely clear that you will support Dom and Ally as you would support your team when they came through a 50 year dry spell and met GAME GAME. (As an aside, I’d like to apologize again to the neighbors for my behavior during this past Super Bowl. #goChiefs.) And because she’s Lucy Score, you can expect a whole host of supporting characters to want your stories. This isn’t advisable, but it’s a natural response to reading things you’ve put between book covers.

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Of course, this is a romance, a fantasy, a fiction. But I think the main characters and the story itself were designed to give an unexpected and beautiful sense of reality. In my opinion, this is one of Ms Score’s best efforts to date.

By a Thread is a romantic comedy set in the New York fashion world and standing alone with a spectacular HEA.

Ally and Dominic, aka Maleficent and Enchantress, have just become my favorite romantic couple and there are so many things I absolutely LOVE about this phenomenal story.
I just had the chance to revisit this audio masterpiece; The narration by Sebastian York and Erin Mallon is absolute perfection! They bring Dom and Ally to life, providing a theater-like experience and making you feel like you’re right in the middle of the story.

Dominic is a brooding, grumpy alpha with a heart of gold, and the more we learn about him and his upbringing, the more we fall in love with him.
Ally is a strong and lovable heroine whose family commitments cause her to walk in different directions and manage multiple conflicting priorities.

By a Thread has an engaging, multi-layered story that will touch your heart and make you laugh; The character development and an incredible cast of supporting characters is nothing short of extraordinary.

We first meet Ally and Dominic when he arrives at a pizzeria where Ally is his waitress. His epic pranks start at the beginning of this amazing story and never stop entertaining.
“Sir, are you here for STD panel results or for the hemorrhoids?” she yelled into my phone’s microphone.

Once I started reading, I couldn’t put this book down and read it through in one go.
Talk about couple goals.

By a Thread has it all: steamy, swooning, hilarious banter, love, heartbreak, laugh-out-loud moments, and the best cast of characters I’ve read in a long time.
A must read and a recommendation from me!

This book is not at all what I expected, but Mr. Grumpy McGrump certainly lives up to its reputation. From this wordsmith’s books, I usually expect a light-hearted rom-com with a good hero and lively heroine, and this book is light years beyond that.

Dominic Russo (the aforementioned Mr. McGrump) is a rich, cold, and heartless antihero; Ally Morales is a big hearted, impulsive heroine with the weight of the world on her shoulders and barely two cents to rub, and her story is incredible!

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Ally has four different jobs, trying to make ends meet and taking care of her father. Until a terrible boss decides to fire her for turning against him and putting him in his place. Wasting no time, her mother/dining roommate offers Ally a job at Russo’s fashion magazine empire, Label.

Ally is the girl who, like the theme song of an old sitcom, lights up the world with her smile. He quickly develops friends at Label and an easy camaraderie with the other staff. Lovable, loyal and fierce, he gives as much as he gets. And Sunday? He’s the one every girl loves to see, but also the one who scares every co-worker. But he is a mysterious, heartless man who anonymously helps others in need.

Dom and Ally remind me of two headstrong, independent minds with conflicting ideas and personalities, but who are fundamentally united at the waist. The tug of war, the sarcastic jokes, the tension between them is exquisite. tortuous. Divine. Absolute perfection. They propel this book and got my heart racing and clenching with the starts and stops.

The only thing they have in common is an inability to trust. There’s also her incredible attraction, which they both choose to do nothing about. This is the part where I smile like a madman and happily rub my hands together. We all know they have no chance of sticking to their resolve, and their journey into eternity just got a lot more interesting.

This book is full of resounding hilarity, I stand by the steam of the campfire and my heart’s strings are plucked to play the most delightful symphony. Dom’s past hurts, the mistakes he’s trying to correct and his vulnerability will make you hug him (in between you’ll want to shake him), and Ally’s courage and determination, hanging by a thread to barely get through, will Make you stand up high. Foot. and cheer for them.

Ally and Dom’s story is love-hate at its finest and you’ll fall in love from the first page. It’s an impossible story to go with characters that will own your heart. Get your copy of this book and fall in love with a launic, cruel, generous and vulnerable hero and his amazing and admirable heroine. You won’t want to miss this charming, hilarious, heartfelt and extraordinary read!

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