Download Castle Of Bones [PDF] By Kathryn Le Veque

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Castle Of Bones book pdf download for free or read online, also Castle Of Bones pdf was written by Kathryn Le Veque.

BookCastle Of Bones
AuthorKathryn Le Veque
Size322 KB

Castle Of Bones Book PDF download for free

Castle Of Bones Book PDF download for free

A medieval gothic tale sure to satisfy your cravings for ghosts and ghouls and all things scary!

A castle full of secrets…

A family living a curse…

Will one knight in shining armor be enough to save them?

Castle Draygon is a castle with more than one secret. When Hermes de Norville rides into the village at the foot of the castle, he has no idea how his life will change. A chance encounter with a woman the villagers call the Angel of Death changes his stars.

And so begins a complex and dark story.

Castle Draygon is full of curses and legends, as Hermes discovers. But above the whispers and rumors, an evil hangs over the castle that controls its inhabitants. Hermes cannot resist his attraction to Catrine de la Pare, the woman known to the villagers as the Angel of Death, but Catrine’s story is as complex as the legends behind Draygon Castle itself.

Shocked by the loss of his wife and filled with grief, Hermes finds meaning when it comes to Catrine. He doesn’t deserve the reputation the superstitious villagers give him, and it’s up to Hermes to save Catrine and her brother, a man named The Dragon, from the evil that hangs over Draygon Castle.

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Will Hermes be able to break the curse? Or will the evil in the tower catch up with him too?

Join Hermes and Catrine in a romantic medieval gothic story.

Castle Of Bones Book Pdf Download

A dream, a woman in his dream and he can never save her from death. Hermes de Norville was never able to fully understand the dream or why it was recurring. He had been running from life since the death of his wife after the birth of his children. When he saves a damsel in distress, he unknowingly unleashes evil on the castle.

A castle with walls of bones. Although Lady Ana Paloma is grateful to Catrine de la Pare for her timely rescue, she also knows that her life will never be what it was now and that Hermes will be part of the new one. But the castle dragon refuses to let her and her brother escape. Is it a fight to life or death? If so, from whom?

Hermes de Norville is a healer and a powerful knight, just like his grandfather. However, since he was unable to save his wife from dying in childbirth, he is doomed to depression. His aimless wanderings lead him to a cursed town and castle that terrifies everyone.
Catrine de la Pare has lived in fear for most of her life. She desperately needs a knight in shining armor.

Castle Draygon is a dark and terrifying place, under a cloud of evil that controls it.
This is a wonderful gothic story with so many characters suffering from mental and physical pain. Superstition and mass hysteria were rampant in the days when people didn’t understand why things happened. It takes someone with worldly knowledge, strength, and hope to heal many lives.

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In this suspenseful yet sad romance, Hermes de Norville is driven by grief after the death of his wife and is lost in beer mugs, unable to find the solution he needs. Until Lady Catrine is dragged into the tavern, obviously in mortal danger. Hermes joins the fray and brokers a deal with the villagers. Braving Castle Draygon and its creepy facade, Hermes discovers that the stakes are higher than he ever could have imagined.

However, the fear in the young woman’s eyes drives him on. When Hermes discovers that he has allies to give him the answers he needs, he not only wins her heart, but also brings hope and healing to her family. If only they could conquer the evil within them.

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