Download Chasing The Italian Dream [PDF] By Jo Thomas

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Chasing The Italian Dream book pdf download for free or read online, also Chasing The Italian Dream pdf was written by Jo Thomas.

BookChasing The Italian Dream
AuthorJo Thomas
Size1.2 MB

Chasing The Italian Dream Book PDF download for free

Chasing The Italian Dream Book PDF download for free

Lucia has worked hard as a barrister in Wales and is aiming for a big promotion which she hopes will be in the near future. When she finally takes a well-deserved break at her grandparents’ home in southern Italy, the sun, lemon trees, and her grandmother’s delicious cooking make her feel right at home.

But she is shocked to learn that her grandfather is retiring from the family’s beloved pizzeria and has to sell it. Lucia can’t stand the thought of her house changing hands, especially when she finds out that hers isn’t quite her ex-husband, Giacomo, wants to take over her!

Then, bad news from her home forces Lucía to reconsider what she wants from her life. Is this your chance to carry on the family tradition and finally follow your dreams?

Perfect escapism from the author of Escape to the French Farmhouse and The Honey Farm on the Hill.

Chasing The Italian Dream Book Pdf Download

If you’re guaranteed anything with a Jo Thomas book, it’s immediate transportation to your destination.

This time we are taken to Italy with Lucia, who was born in Wales to Italian parents. She takes her annual vacation to visit her grandparents and help out at Nonno’s pizzeria. There she discovers past love and a new understanding of where she really wants to be in her life. But will her dusty old beliefs really keep her from being exactly where she should be?

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Now that she has been out of Covid restrictions for over a year, this book will have you dreaming over a nice glass of wine as she sits in the warm sun and watches the world go by. All I can think about is sitting at Nonno’s Pizzeria, surrounded by lemon trees and waiting for my pizza, topped with garlicky tomato sauce, bubbly mozzarella, and a nice tiramisu to follow. Lucia’s story is fabulous, but Jo Thomas’s descriptive power will make you long for the days when we can hop on a plane and head off to another piece of paradise.

Another wonderfully written novel by Jo. From the first page I was captivated and relaxed. I loved all the characters and also the little. It had enough twists and turns to keep the interest alive and such fantastic descriptions of how Lucia felt and who
The climate, the scents of lemon, wisteria and wood smoke, etc.

I felt there, and was definitely craving pizza and I rarely eat pizza! I think it’s great that the characters identify with us and
which was written without any mention of the raging pandemic that we all want to read a book about to escape and remember better times. Fantastic book, can’t wait to read the next release in October: Castle Celebrations. Thanks for another brilliant story, Jo Thomas.

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