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City Of Glass Book pdf download for free or read online, also City Of Glass pdf was written by Cassandra Clare.

BookCity Of Glass
AuthorCassandra Clare
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City Of Glass Book PDF download for free

City Of Glass Book PDF download for free

City of Glass book by Cassandra Clare is the 3 book in the Mortal Instruments series. This young adult novel follows the Shadowhunters, a group of people responsible for protecting mundanes from supernatural creatures like vampires, werewolves, and demons. However, life as a Shadowhunter is dangerous, and their loved ones are always at risk because of their calling. Clary, the main character, is determined to travel to the City of Glass on the hidden Shadowhunter island despite the dangers and the fact that it is illegal to travel there without an invitation.

City Of Glass Pdf Download

She believes the answers to her mother’s disappearance are on the island. However, things become more complicated when she finds out that Jace, her love interest, is actually her brother. Moreover, she realizes that the Clave members and their families on the island have a sheltered understanding of what it means to be a Downworlder, which includes Luke, a werewolf and Simon, a newly vampirized character.

The book is an exciting and thrilling read, and the world-building is excellent, with readers finally getting to see Idris and what the Shadowhunters are like in their natural environment. The characters have found their place in the story, and the narrative is less erratic than in the previous book. However, Clary’s character is still frustratingly similar to a Mary Sue, but Magnus and Alec’s relationship is fantastic and brings a sense of humor to the book.

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The novel is action-packed and entertaining, making it perfect for a wide range of ages and demographics. It is long, which could be overwhelming for some struggling readers, but the audiobook option is perfect for those who find it difficult to read. The writing style is smoother, and the jump between characters’ points of view is less uncomfortable than in the previous book.

In conclusion, City of Glass is an excellent addition to the Mortal Instruments series. Despite being a long book, the plot keeps readers engaged, and the world-building is excellent. While Clary’s character is frustrating at times, the book’s supporting cast more than makes up for it. This book is perfect for those looking for an exciting, action-packed read.

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