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Colin book pdf download for free or read online, also Colin pdf was written by Cora Rose.

AuthorCora Rose
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Colin Book PDF download for free

Colin Book PDF download for free

Honestly, I’m not surprised that I liked this book so much. Cora Rose turns gold with everything she writes. When I first learned that Colin’s book would appear next in the Unexpected series, I wondered how she would match her HEA. And. He. Is. Splendid.

This book is so ridiculous at times, in the best possible way of course, that I couldn’t contain my laughter and delight. (Ethan’s story about how his hamster from his childhood died… I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I snorted. Loud. It was an unexpected turn of events.) That’s what I love about these books. Humor is everywhere and it flows naturally.

It was all that after a series of rejections, Colin finally found his personality in a few other books in this series. Also, in that book, his date with Ben was just… depressing. ha ha ha

Colin Pdf Download

Colin’s friend is his new neighbor Ethan, a dual resident British citizen currently residing in the United States. Ethan and Colin do bad things through their respective windows. I mean seriously naughty. They claim they don’t like each other, but they are definitely attracted to each other. It was very interesting to learn about Ethan’s backstory. It was also a bit heartbreaking. (Dylan really is a jerk.) But his family is glorious and Ethan truly has a heart of gold. He just needed someone to help him get past his surveillance. And he gets twice as much, with Colin and his adorable son Daniel.

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I love how easily Ethan accepted Daniel and how comfortable Daniel was with Ethan from the start. I’m glad Colin and Daniel have Ethan to soften the ick of who Colin’s ex, Kurt, is.

It was really a great pleasure to read this novel. It was touching to see Colin find someone who appreciates him. It was also lovely to see Ethan deal with his feelings for Colin. I loved how their all-sex relationship went from being a fake fiancé to a real relationship. It was definitely an exciting read.

Cat, Brian, Joel are great supporting characters in this book. We get a cameo from the Magnus and Sem! I find myself loving each subsequent book in the series more and more. Which is crazy because every book is so damn good. How Cora she keeps outdoing herself?! Colin is the sixth book in the Unexpected series. I’m definitely looking forward to book seven!

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