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Combust book pdf download for free or read online, also Combust pdf was written by Tana Stone.

AuthorTana Stone
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Combust Book PDF download for free

Combust Book PDF download for free

The Drexian warrior is brooding and mysterious, and he has claimed me as his tribute.

Unless I marry his nephew, I have no idea I’m still betrothed to Zoran’s clan. Imagine my surprise when the dark and imposing alien informs me that he will take me as his tribute wife and take me with him to the Drexian homeworld.

The silver fox warrior is not like the brash young Drexians on the station. He’s intense and serious and kind of scary and I can’t imagine being his girlfriend. But it seems I have no choice. I am tied to him, which means that my life will be the companion of an alien I barely know and cannot fall in love with.

Life on the Drexian homeworld is not what I expected, and I soon discover that our engagement is not set in stone, nor is it welcomed by some in his clan. As political intrigues and family secrets put us both in grave danger, can we learn to trust each other or will we be separated forever?

This indie sci-fi romance features steamy scenes set on an alien planet, a red-hot silver fox Inferno Force warrior, serious heat, no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA. If you like animated heroines, aliens with extra erogenous zones, and lots of adventure, you’ll love COMBUST, the sixth book of Tana Stone’s sci-fi novel Inferno Force in the Drexian Warriors series.

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Combust Book Pdf Download

Admiral Zoran is a fearsome man. He is serious, thoughtful, intense and demanding. Furthermore, he is known to be a ruthless instructor at the Drexian Academy. But there is more to the tough, commanding warrior than meets the eye. Silver Fix is ​​also honorable, strong, domineering, possessive, and extremely protective. And he loved absolutely everything about this tough, irresistible Drexian.

Noora has spent her life being who everyone expects of her and trying to make her happy. But after being kidnapped by Kronock, she finally decides to be who she wants to be, her true self, a defiant, fighter, brave and strong woman. He loved her so much!

The development of Noora and Zoran’s relationship has been spectacular! From the moment he sees her, he wants her, but she promised her nephew. And if the match is abandoned, all bets will be void. But Noora has been hurt and used before and it’s not easy to claim. Too bad for them that Drexians aren’t the kind to shy away from a challenge.

Zoran is used to getting what he wants, and he wants the wild and defiant woman of the land. The two were phenomenal together! And it was so much fun to read their jokes and arguments. Plus, they were a fantastic team. And when they finally gave in to their undeniable attraction and desire for each other, the passionate moments they shared were white hot. Zoran and Noora were a perfect couple and I couldn’t get enough of them!

Also, the story was amazing! The Kronocks are as dangerous as ever and have the most unlikely of allies. And all is not what it seems at Drexian Academy. With all the mysteries, lies, betrayals, and unexpected turns of events, I was glued to the pages until the very end. Also, I was quite wowed by Volten and hopefully we’ll see more Flirt Flight Instructors in the future;

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Overall, the story is really another brilliant addition to the series! It is full of danger, mystery, suspense, betrayal, twists and turns, fast-paced action, fiery passion, and phenomenal characters.

This was an amazing sci-fi alien love book. He is a fiery silver fox Inferno Force Warrior with a feisty heroine in the sixth book of the series. There’s action, adventure and intrigue with a feisty tribute bride who refuses to marry her nephew. To Noora’s surprise, Admiral Zoran claims her as her bride and brings her back to Drexian Academy.

There is action, mysteries of danger, lies, twists and betrayals to navigate. But as the story unfolds, the truth somehow comes out, but it’s too late. It’s a great bride tribute action romance, the plot was fantastic and the silver fox and the feisty bride had such wonderful chemistry that I couldn’t stop reading. I highly recommend this book and series.

The queen’s song; Another one bites the dust, goes through my head. Another, another, another… and so on, well, another great sci-fi/romance story. I can’t say what it’s all about these Drexians and their human wives, who of course save the day in one way or another. And of course the Drexians are saving the day too!

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