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Conduit Crisis book pdf download for free or read online, also Conduit Crisis pdf was written by Louisa Masters.

BookConduit Crisis
AuthorLouisa Masters
Size1.1 MB

Conduit Crisis Book PDF download for free

Conduit Crisis Book PDF download for free

Conduit Crisis is the story of Skye and Daniel, this is a paranormal romance of two awakening from friends to lovers. Skye has a crush on her straight boyfriend Daniel, and even if she finds out he’s a channel, that seems less of an issue than her unrequited love for one of her best friends.

When a ghost is destroyed while trying to warn Skye of an approaching catastrophe, Daniel is the first to try to protect and help Skye. Not only do they have an immediate problem with that, Skye’s mother shows up after leaving him twenty years ago, Daniel is in protector mode and one thing leads to another and they end up pretending to be friends, it was funny How the whole town believed they were together They have great chemistry and always fight, they are adorable!

Conduit Crisis Pdf Download

I love that Daniel is super protective of Skye, at first he didn’t realize his feelings for Skye were more than friendship until he realized he was bisexual and attracted to him but whatever in the other world happens. lets them crawl to find it. Answer: The longer they stay together the more they realize they are in love with each other, I like how the story progresses and how they come together, the spirit and the struggle with what is coming is getting more and more intense and dangerous, I can can’t wait it’s next!!!

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Totally expected as this is a series with a continuous arc, but nonetheless the twist in the story here was a surprise and I loved it.

Just as I loved watching Skye get her husband, as Daniel realized the reason he had always been attracted to him was more than just friendship.

Demonic threats aside, this is a generally low-key romance in which the guy who was in love with his “straight” boyfriend gets the ultimate surprise when it turns out he’s in love with him, too.

With the same humorous element present in this series so far, we have a storyline that develops more about Skye’s ability to interact with spirits from another world and sees him confronting his past as his mother did City returned after leaving him when he was only seven

When Daniel and Skye get into a fake relationship after Skye’s mother confronts him and pokes fun at her small town life, it’s not long before Daniel discovers he likes the idea of being able to kiss Skye.

Surprisingly, we don’t actually get much in the side scan, but there’s a torrid scene before Skye works up the courage to ask Daniel if it’s just an experiment.

Skye and Daniel are incredibly cute together. I loved how relaxed Daniel was when he realized he was bisexual and had been attracted to men before, without really understanding his feelings.

There was all sorts of excitement at the end of this book, including the discovery of a demonic conspiracy with the potential to end the world!

June arrives for the final book, which will be Gabe, the collective’s guardian, and Skye’s best friend Tom, whose ghostly Nonna lurks in his cab judging everything!

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