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Conqueror book pdf download for free or read online, also Conqueror pdf was written by Anna Hackett.

AuthorAnna Hackett
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Conqueror Book PDF download for free

Conqueror Book PDF download for free

No longer a prisoner on an alien space station, logistics manager Evie Mason is far from Earth, suffering from nightmares and struggling to ignore the growing power within her. She just wants to be normal, but when she’s up against the planet’s intoxicating ruler Taln, normalcy isn’t an option. He speaks to her power within her and ignites an intense desire he’s never felt before.

Conqueror Graylan Taln Sarkany is the king of Taln and its inhabitants who can control the geological forces of their planet. Dedicated to protecting the Talnians from his evil father, he uses his immense power to rule over rocks, soil, and earthquakes.

But Gray always has to keep some of his power in check. The part that is too volatile, too violent, too dangerous. Then a tough little woman from Earth threatens all of his control.

As the final, violent showdown with Graylan’s father draws near, Gray and Evie find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of power and passion, whose powers draw them together in a way neither of them understands. With Gray’s brothers, his companions and his allies at his side, they will fight and Gray will use everything he has to protect his planet, his people and Evie.

Conqueror Pdf Download

Conqueror Pdf Download is the last book in this series about three stepbrothers who literally call themselves brothers. They share the same evil father but they were really lucky enough to have good mothers. This story is about Evie Mason and the conqueror Graylan Taln Sarkany. Evie has spent the last two years as a prisoner in a cage on the alien space station Abiosis. The scientists there used her blood to help create weapons intended to harm others on the various planets in the Sarkany system.

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As a result of the experiments done on her, she developed certain abilities, such as the ability to absorb the power of others and use it. Evie is furious at what has been done to her and has a hard time accepting her new “normal” on the planet Taln. Graylan Sarkany is the ruler of the planet Taln within the Sarkany system. His brothers are Rhein and Brodin. Rhain rules Zhalto with his Earth mate Mal. Brodin rules Damar with her Earth mate Poppy.

His father is Zavir and he wants his three sons to rule with him. He wants his power to be at his disposal. However, they want nothing to do with him and his machinations. Each of them is ruler of one of the planets of the Sarkany system, and that is enough for them. This story has heart! Evie is dealing with some intense emotions and Gray is helping her out. They really try to resist each other, but it just doesn’t work. Over time, they eventually discover that they belong with each other, but not before facing some pretty tough challenges.

The three brothers and their Earth women must work together to defeat all the evil that Zavir has in store. There are a lot of close encounters and injuries, but somehow it works out in the end. This story is exciting and fast-paced. The tension is sometimes extreme and sometimes a little lighter. There are also unexpected joys in this story as all the characters on Earth (including those from the previous series) come together for a major part of the story. These additional details place this story in the 5-star category.

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So this hilarious series finally ends with Evie falling in love with Graylan, the son of Zavir, the man who had been torturing her. Evie is forever changed with unusual abilities, but on a planet where people can control the ground they walk on, she just might find that she fits. It’s a shame that Zavir wants to destroy his children once and for all and they all fight for it!

I think in many ways the author saved the best for last, although my favorite heroine of this series has to be Mal. That said, the gentler Evie has backbone and tenacity, although her new powers weren’t 100% meaning to this reader. I thought the way Graylan finally won over his father (yes, pun intended) was unique and totally unexpected. Also, fans of the author’s Gladiator series will be delighted to see old friends show up, although the best of all was the final scene, but my lips are sealed!

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