Download Cowboy Wanting Everything [PDF] By Jessie Gussman

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Cowboy Wanting Everything book pdf download for free or read online, also Cowboy Wanting Everything pdf was written by Jessie Gussman.

BookCowboy Wanting Everything
AuthorJessie Gussman
Size223 KB

Cowboy Wanting Everything Book PDF download for free

Cowboy Wanting Everything Book PDF download for free

When Lavender met billionaire Thaddaeus Hart five years ago, she thought he was an idiot in need of a big attitude change.

She would be perfectly fine never seeing him again. She is perfectly content working at Sweet Water in her family’s auction barn and caring for an elderly woman who cares for her daughter’s two young children. She doesn’t even think about Thad anymore.

Hardly ever.

Thad doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but she does believe that sometimes a good woman gets a man’s attention and it’s hard to focus on anything else for the next five years. Or something like that.

Eventually, because he is the boss and the boss can take vacations, she decides to go ahead and take vacations by taking a job on a ranch in the same place where Lavender is babysitting and helping the older woman stay on the ranch. she. After spending a few weeks with Lavender, he realizes that she is just like any other woman he knows.

Unless she isn’t. And a few weeks is not enough to spend with her. But she will hate him when she finds out that he has been cheating on her all along. Unless she really becomes what she says she is: homeless. Is it worth risking everything for a woman?

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Cowboy Wanting Everything Pdf Download

Thad had enough money to buy everything he ever wanted or dreamed of. He had a good work ethic, clout, popularity, stuff, and more stuff. Why didn’t he have peace and contentment? Why didn’t he have any real friends to see him apart from the money he could give them? When his personal life fell apart, he was driven to search for something real.

A rare and true friend invited him to church, where he found Jesus and the salvation that changed his life completely. Trying to live now as Christ would bring even more dissatisfaction with his current lifestyle. Would Jesus really live like this? The memory of a chance meeting five years ago sends him on a journey to see if there might be someone special in his life who is as real as Jesus.

Lavender is a simple small-town country girl with a big heart who focuses on Jesus and others first without really thinking about herself. She just wants to help everyone in any way she can. A mysterious man shows up at the ranch needing work because he has nothing, she says. She helps him like she helps everyone else, but her heart is more involved than she knows for sure. Can she trust him? She likes it, but she has to keep her heart.

Once the mysteries about him and who he is are uncovered, is there a future for them? Will she be able to forgive him and love him for himself or will she walk away like others have when he really has nothing more to give her? How would Jesus act? She watches history and finds out if a cowboy can have everything he wants when the things he wants are the most important things in life.

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