Download Craved By The Cowboy [PDF] By Hope Ford

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Craved By The Cowboy book pdf download for free or read online, also Craved By The Cowboy pdf was written by Hope Ford.

BookCraved By The Cowboy
AuthorHope Ford
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Craved By The Cowboy Book PDF download for free

Craved By The Cowboy Book PDF download for free

I hate losing and losing her is not an option.

I am a legend of bullfighting in the first place and I am about to have my last race. Long nights, anything goes, women and broken bones have taken their toll and I want something more.
I am ready to retire, clean up my rundown ranch, and then find a woman to cuddle up to me every night.

But plans are shattered when my latest trip doesn’t go as planned.

Now I have a hurt leg, a hurt ego, and a nurse who says she’ll take care of me…and my ranch.

She is the daughter of my mentor and absolutely taboo for her.
She’s too young for me and she’s definitely too good.
So why do I want to tie her up so she won’t leave?

She just wants to pay off a debt…
I want to make her mine.

There is only one guarantee: this is a trip that I will not lose.

Craved By The Cowboy Book Pdf Download

Award-winning bull rider Ace Tucker walks off the race track. He is forty years old and is willing to stay on his ranch to raise cattle. He is near his hometown of Whiskey Valley for his latest rodeo event. He’s mentor Reilly and Reilly’s daughter Lila make sure they get good seats to watch his latest bull riding event. Ace has known and loved Lila since their school days.

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He is now in his thirties. This story highlights the ongoing attraction between Ace and Lila. Each does not acknowledge the feelings of the other. Lila is a curvy woman who works as a nurse at a nearby hospital. Ace was busy at the rodeo circuit. These two “collide” at their latest event and the romance between them grows.

This is an excellent romance between a cowboy and a nurse in their 30s and 40s, which makes for a believable story. Women are not perfect and neither are men. There are some scenes where they are naked. These scenes lend themselves to the story and they are not for nothing. I read the book cover to cover in one afternoon. It is certainly a pleasure to read this novel. I highly recommend it.

An hour of reading with all the feelings, especially if you love age differences, cowboys and romances with your father’s best friend. Ace and Lila are beautiful characters. They both have feelings for each other that they don’t think they can act on. When Ace is injured on his last round of bull riding before retiring, Lila decides to move in with him and help him get back on his feet. Being very close for a long time makes it impossible to hide your feelings from him.

I loved the little moments of him with lingering gazes and unexpected frontal exposures. I also liked his father’s reaction to the situation. It’s not the usual “dad’s best friend” trope, and I liked the new perspective. His father was a wonderful supporting character and I enjoyed the strong relationship he has with Lila. This book also has an ending that wraps everything up in a wonderful conclusion.

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This is a funny, sweet and cheerful short story. Ace finally retires from the bullring and will work full time on his ranch. Lila is the mentor’s daughter and a good friend of his. She is a nurse at the hospital. Lila is young, vivacious, compassionate and a good friend.

She is here for her last trip, as is her father. Lila has been in love with Ace for a long time, but she doesn’t think he has feelings for her. The two characters are normal, down to earth, the guy next door. Ace is injured on his last trip and needs help at the ranch until his ankle can support him. This makes the situation a bit more complicated and more tense and emotional. Ace loves Lila and would do anything for her, but he knows that he can never have her.

He is old and she is too young for him. Lila will help Ace at the ranch while he is injured. What happens to Lila and Ace when they have to share the house? Can the two hide their feelings for each other? There is steam, a lot of heat and humor, which makes for an entertaining story. The characters are really so damn cute. It suits each of the characters well. They have a calm nature and an intense attraction to each other. It’s sweet, steamy, passionate and a true love story. I loved the characters!

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