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Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend book pdf download for free or read online, also Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend pdf was written by Erika T. Wurth.

Erika T. Wurth’s literary horror novel White Horse is scheduled to be released by Flatiron/Macmillan in the fall of 2022. She teaches creative writing at the Western Illinois University and was a guest writer at Institute of American Indian Arts.

Her work has appeared or is about to appear in numerous magazines, including Buzzfeed, Boulevard, Lithub, The Writer’s Chronicle, and The Kenyon Review. She will be a faculty member at the Breadloaf in year 2022, she is a member of the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop, participated in the Tin House Summer Workshop, and was selected as a narrator for the Meow Wolf Denver installation.

She is represented by Rebecca Friedman. She is of Apache/Chickasaw/Cherokee descent and grew up outside of Denver, where she lives with her partner, two stepchildren and her extremely furry dogs.

BookCrazy Horse’s Girlfriend
AuthorErika T. Wurth

Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend Book PDF download for free

Crazy Horse's Girlfriend Book PDF download for free

Margarita is a 16-year-old Native American, sharp-tongued drug dealer lost in a Colorado town crippled by poverty, unemployment, and drug abuse.

Hating the exhausted, dead-end kids around her, she dreams that she and her unreliable new boyfriend can get far beyond the bright lights of Denver looming on the horizon before the daily suffocation of the teenage pregnancy eats them alive.

Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend Book Pdf Download

Margarette drew me to the book almost immediately. Her voice is raw and honest as she shares her life and her views in this excellent coming-of-age novel. Margaritte does not try to hide as a narrator. She works her way through difficult situations and decisions and has drawn me into her life along the way.

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She reminded me a lot of Gabi, A Girl in Pieces and Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kiss Your Ass, as these three young women have voices that will be with me for a long time. They also share realities that some people might want to ignore. However, they are realities that many young adults may be experiencing.

Reading the synopsis, it becomes clear that poverty, drugs, and the many hardships that surround these things permeate this story. It’s also a book that explores identity, class, addiction, violence, stereotypes, and more, but that’s not all readers see here.

One aspect that stood out was the Margaritte’s relationship with the cousin Jake. Some of their activities together cause problems, but they support each other, always. Even after Margaritte’s mom got mad at Jake after a dangerous encounter, she said, “He loves her even if they both ruin her lives.” There is no doubt that they make some bad decisions, but they also hold each other up through the tough times. of life.

In addition to Jake, she has younger twin sisters whom she loves and cares for, her mother and her father, and a small circle of friends. In her group of friends, many have lived or are in desperate situations and seek a way out through drugs, money, education or other realistic or fantastic dreams. Loneliness, despair, and addiction lead to many bad decisions, but I saw again that friendship, love, hope, and inner strength also lead to positive decisions.

Without completely spoiling things, I’d say that not everyone Margarette loves is helpful or even safe. She has so many things to deal with and she does it with her dry sense of humor. After someone asks him about the black eye she gets from her, he says, “Nobody should hit someone with a face like yours.” His instant response is, “No one should hit someone with a face.”

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In the editor’s summary, the last sentence addresses another great advantage of this book. “…shatters preconceived ideas about what it actually means to be the Native American today.” There are many ideas about what it truly means to be Native American, and many of them aren’t even real. There are characters in Crazy Horse’s Girlfriend who show many Native American faces and most don’t live on a reservation. Margaritte’s family is Chickasaw, Cherokee and White.

Her cousin Jake was adopted and is Nez Perce, Cheyenne, Arapahoe and Black. Megan and Will are from Oglala Reservation. Characters from other nations also participated. The characters not only come from different nations, but there are also other distinctions such as religion, language, beliefs, and priorities. It would be difficult to finish this book and have only one image of Native Americans.

Recommendation: I’m not even sure I can communicate. Crazy Horse’s girlfriend offers a deep insight into life. There are no easy solutions or answers, but the people in this story try and persevere. Most work toward a positive future, even when things seem pointless. This is certainly not a Disney movie, but it is a story of strength and beauty.

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