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Creed book pdf download for free or read online, also Creed pdf was written by Athena Steller.

AuthorAthena Steller
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Creed Book PDF download for free

Creed Book PDF download for free

I want to get hurt I want to be a baby I never found anyone who understood my need for both, until the night I was kidnapped and ordered to save the life of a murderer.

I am a cold blooded killer. I’m a soft daddy Sammy healed my body and only he got to the heart that was encased in ice.

We shouldn’t work together, but we do. When Sammy’s ex comes back and threatens my son, there’s only one thing to do: protect Sammy at all costs. I would burn the world for my son if it meant I could hold him in my arms forever.

TW/ CW – This book contains summaries of past sexual and domestic abuse of the MC. Flashbacks of murder scenes from the MC POV. Rescue scenes of sexual victims and victims of domestic violence and murder (not MC). Proceed with caution or skip this book if this might provoke you. Your safety and well-being are more important than reading this book.

This book contains MM (men who have sex with each other) sexual content, age difference, daddy/boy relationship, ABDL, public sex, rough sex, spanking. This book is an exploration of a relationship between two (male) adults seeking love and acceptance. All the characters are above the age of consent. No cheats or cliffhangers.

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Creed Book Pdf Download

This was another fantastic book!! I loved this one about Sammy & Creed! It’s a dad and kid book.
I love these characters so much!! I have read this series so many times!! It’s so well done, I can’t say enough good things about this series! This only adds more wonder to this series! READ THEM!!

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