Download Cruelest Oblivion [PDF] By Michelle Heard And MA Heard

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Cruelest Oblivion book pdf download for free or read online, also Cruelest Oblivion pdf was written by Michelle Heard And MA Heard.

BookCruelest Oblivion
AuthorMichelle Heard And MA Heard
Size1.2 MB

Cruelest Oblivion Book PDF download for free

Cruelest Oblivion Book PDF download for free

For the past five decades, the dome over our ecocity has protected us from dissenters living in forbidden territory. Since the end of the great war, our life has consisted of virtue and order.

Once a year, seven people are sent to the forbidden lands to see if there are any deviants worth saving. None have returned, which only increases people’s fear of what lies beyond the safe edge of the dome.

If I am chosen to be a crusader, the world as I know it will be ripped from under my feet. In the forbidden territory I learn things I never dreamed existed, a world I completely forgot. I know people who openly show their feelings and affection. People who dare to make their own decisions.

It’s terrifying and the opposite of anything I’ve ever known.

Suddenly I have to fight for my life. I am in chaos where time is running out to become a skilled fighter who will be an asset in the war to come. But my head is bombarded with questions: who is right and who is wrong? Which side should I fight for?

I don’t belong in this world of cruelty and depravity.

Then there’s Chance, my reluctant trainer. The man is the definition of deadly and so handsome I have a hard time thinking clearly around him. I’m also pretty sure there’s nothing he would want more than to break my neck. Cruel, impatient and tough, he’s a brute who seems resentful of my existence.

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To be honest, I’m not sure I can survive life with the deviants, let alone fight a war. Unless I rally find my courage and also learn to fight for myself, I really fear this new world will crush me.

Cruelest Oblivion Pdf Download

This genre is radically different from all of this author’s previously published books and once again shows how versatile and skilful she is as a writer. I’ll readily admit that it’s not my favorite read, but I was immediately drawn into the storyline and then completely drawn into the world of Jai, Chance and all the other characters and their struggle for freedom.

For me it had a touch, like a pinch, of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four (this really brings me back to my teenage reading years!). Let’s face it, these books were extremely controversial for their time, I’m not saying that about Cruelest Oblivion. I say they were both literary classics and I can also see how brilliant this story is, it challenged me to dig deep and think hard about the future.

Jai is so innocent and confident that she is thrown into the deep where everything is potentially dangerous and new, especially when she is with other people and touching them body to body. From the so-called “virtuous” eco-town to life across the border, it’s an unprecedented comparison for poor Jai. I felt a lot for her, especially when she was scolding herself, but she learns quickly and realizes that she can accept her feelings normally.

Chance is a seasoned resident of the Forbidden Lands, and after fighting for his status in his neighborhood, he could be very dangerous, but also very handsome and supremely confident. Even though I knew all this, sometimes my heart broke for him, hitting my chest and bursting open. This author’s words are so powerful, she shapes them so well, that you become fully immersed in the story, gasping for breath after cheating death, or pacing back and forth alongside the characters in frustration and anger.

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Although the story has a very serious tone in general, there is also a fair amount of humor throughout the book, it can be a cynical or sarcastic joke, but it’s appropriate to the scene and gives a bit of relief. I’m definitely looking forward to the second half of Jai and Chance’s story.

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