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Damage Control book pdf download for free or read online, also Damage Control pdf was written by Robert Dugoni.

BookDamage Control
AuthorRobert Dugoni
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Damage Control Road Book PDF download for free

Damage Control Road Book PDF download for free

Attorney Dana Hill is used to dealing with a stressful life: she is one of Strong & Thurmond’s most successful lawyers, mother of a young daughter, wife of a busy and selfish man. But when she’s diagnosed with breast cancer and her twin brother is found beaten to death in what appears to be a botched robbery that same week, the careful balance in Dana’s life changes.

Agreeing with the police that this is more than just a botched robbery, she begins to invade her brother’s life, a life she thought she knew as well as her own, to find out who caused his death wanted and why.

But bad things happen in threes, her mother told her. When Dana finds out her husband is cheating on her, she throws herself into the investigation. Delaying cancer treatment, he teams up with a insightful detective to connect a unique earring found in his brother’s bedroom with a mysterious friend who no one seems to identify. But those connected to the murder start to turn up dead, the trail of evidence goes cold, and someone poses as a cop and cleans up the details as they go.

Damage Control Book Pdf Download

I don’t think this author even could write a bad book if he tried. Dana is a corporate attorney, married and has a young daughter. Her marriage is not going well and she suspects her husband is cheating on her. Her twin brother contacts her and wants to meet to discuss an issue, but she is not able to see him until the next day. Unfortunately, he is killed in what appears to be a botched robbery.

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Dana meets Detective Mike Logan during her brother’s murder investigation and the two work together. The whole setting is realistic, unlike in other books where it’s not feasible. There’s a touch of ethereal power at work, but I found it really plausible and enjoyed reading about it.

This is a great story, it has life, death, love, confusion and a great cast of characters that seem to fit and flow from start to finish.
Cops and robbers, killers and healers, politicians and their loot.
But what it really is is a story about who killed who and why.
If I told you what the book was really about you would think oh I just finished a similar book, believe me you haven’t, you really won’t want to put this book down.
In about three months I’ll probably try to read it again.
Don’t miss this one.

I have enjoyed the Tracy Crosswhite series and always look forward to each and every one. I hope they never end! But I have neglected the earlier works of this brilliant author. I decided to try this one and I’m so glad I did. Part of Dugoni’s gift is being able to write realistic female leads, and that considerable skill certainly shows in damage control!

Dana and later Elizabeth were so important to me that I could barely remember that they weren’t real women. The villains also come to life under the talented pen of this author. Throughout the second half of this story, I could hardly bear to put my Kindle down. So, lesson learned! Now I will search and read everything that this genius wrote. You can choose to do the same.

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This book was about
A successful lawyer faces two difficult life challenges in a very short period of time; a devastating medical diagnosis and the murder of his twin brother. Solving the murder of his brother becomes his main focus in this fast-paced adventure.

Things I liked about this book
Dawn Hill, the protagonist, bravely and resolutely faces intolerable challenges. Characters who embrace life’s challenges with enthusiasm are my favorites and I will support them to the end.

Why you should read this book
This book addresses the burden of a breast cancer diagnosis on the survivor and her family. So it would be a great book to read in the October. Also, the pain of suddenly losing a brother is pretty tough, but losing a twin is something that is almost impossible for others to understand. Throw in a troubled marriage and a murder to be solved, well, what more could you ask for?

Robert Dugoni is considered an aspiring author who brings a great storyline, great characters, and an extremely sharp writing style.

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