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Dangerous Renegade book pdf download for free or read online, also Dangerous Renegade pdf was written by Heather Long.

USA Today bestselling author Heather Long likes long walks in the park, sci-fi, superheroes, villains and men who aren’t jerks. His books are filled with heroes and heroines enmeshed in a romance as hot as a Texas summer.

BookDangerous Renegade
AuthorHeather Long
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Dangerous Renegade Book PDF download for free

Dangerous Renegade Book PDF download for free

DANGEROUS RENEGADE is a new full length mature dark adult romance with enemies to love/love hate themes. The dark romantic aspects of this story continue.

Please note that some situations may be uncomfortable for the reader. Activation warnings are in the prologue if you need them. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than 1 love interest. This is the 6 book in the series.

Dangerous Renegade Book Pdf Download

Dangerous Renegade is the sixth book in the 82nd Street Vandals series and is a must read in order. It picks up right where we left off in Brutal Fighter, where Rome and Emersyn are missing. We get them back, of course, but not without a cost.

So as we go through the series, there are fewer things to write in my reviews. Just because I don’t want to mess anything up and it’s hard right now. So, without telling you any of the main points of this book, here’s what I loved about it. Well, for one, I LOVE FREDDIE. He is and probably always will be my absolute favourite. I love how he and Em have such a special relationship and how it helps him so much. In the same vein, Vaughn and Kel help Em overcome her past. It will certainly be a long but interesting journey.

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We can see them all coming together and growing as a family. It’s a beautiful thing how everyone learns to love and trust each other. Since all their relationships are different because the guys are different, it takes work for each one. Not just romantic relationships, but Em’s and Milo’s relationship as well. Plus we still get the little things from Milo and Lainey, which I know you all love as much as I do.

As always, there are a few twists and turns in this book. Lots of action. fun and sexy times. murder and mayhem. We can also see an explosion from the past. They bring Em a small gift that will take her on another adventure. As always, I loved every second of this book and can’t wait for the next one.

Another great addition to the Vandals series. This one begins with retrieving Emersyn and Rome from their kidnappers, ends on a wild cliffhanger, and has a lot of love and healing in the middle.

I really enjoyed all aspects of Dangerous Renegade, especially the middle one. I loved the focus on Freddie and Boo-Boo, I don’t know how many times I wanted to scream JUST KISS HIM expecting things to escalate. Freddie is very interesting character, he and Emersyn are so alike in so many ways. Two totally broken souls who find solace in each other’s company. I hate that Freddie seems to feel like he doesn’t deserve his love, he deserves it and then some. I still have major doubts about Doc’s situation… I feel a lot like Little Bit because of him and I’m not sure if I can trust him or let him in. Only time will tell I guess.

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I loved the beginning too, the storyline was great. Rome is probably my favorite vandal, the way he loves Starling is so beautiful and I can’t get enough of it. I love his artistic side (which reminds me of how they painted the living room together, and the butt print conversation afterwards!) and how he’s basically a gentle giant with a side of violence. He would do absolutely anything for her and makes sure she knows at all times.

I hope we have more Bodhi. I love that Freddie sent him a message and his surprise for Emersyn, er, PPG should be a very interesting book. 7. Dangerous Renegade book almost felt like the calm before the storm…

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