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Dash Rushing The Play book pdf download for free or read online, also Dash Rushing The Play pdf was written by Kayley Loring.

BookDash Rushing The Play
AuthorKayley Loring
Size537 KB

Dash Rushing The Play Book PDF download for free

Dash Rushing The Play Book PDF download for free

This is a 93,000 word novel. It is the second standalone installment in the Boston Tomcats football romance series. You don’t have to read DECKER: Changing the Play to enjoy or understand DASH. But you probably like DECKER, so maybe read it if you’re in the mood for more dreamy-smug-of-the-football-hero-who-has-a-strong-heroine-loves.

Dash Rushing The Play Book Pdf Download

Dash Rushing the Play is the second Boston Tomcats novel from author duo Kayley Loring and Connor Crais, and this sports romance exceeded all my expectations. The main character is Dashiel, although to be honest I’m not sure if that’s really his first name, Taylor, a defensive end to his rookie year with the Boston Tomcats. However, his story begins a few years earlier as a sophomore at Northern University and a player on the school’s hockey team, the Honey Badgers.

Talent for the sport was already a given when it came to Dash back then, but it certainly took some tweaking and a lot of humility. Your trainer’s solution? Private ballet lessons from Charlotte Bardot, a ballerina in her twenties with ambitions to join the New York Ballet. Charlie teaches Dash some moves, but it’s not as easy as he expected, not when he was constantly rejecting him. Fast forward two years with those two in Boston, and now Dash is ready to play for the ballerina who got away.

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The idea of ​​having football and ballet together might seem strange, but ballet is actually something that has been used as an additional training for athletes, and not only in football! I liked how Kayley Loring and Connor Crais took that idea and carried it through, bringing together the main characters that didn’t make sense at first but as their story progressed and Dash and Charlie evolved and developed into being with someone who didn’t doing being right for each other would be wrong. Dash definitely surprised me a lot, and I loved the development his character underwent, both as a player and as a person.

Meeting and being with Charlie turned out to be a turning point for him. The same could be said about how Dash was with Charlie. Along with the romance was the humor, and there was even a bit of angst, enough to satisfy the anxiety addict in me. Dash: Rushing the Play is a five star read and I can’t wait to see more of this entertaining series.

I wasn’t prepared to fall in love with Dash the way I did. The cocky one who cares about me and only me is not my problem. Well step aside decker, dash stole my heart.

I love it when a novel takes you back in time and tells you the backstory of the characters. You caught a glimpse of Dash in Decker’s book and knew there was something deeper than cockiness and brute force, and this time travel gives us that. I loved the younger Dash. He was quite braggadocio and arrogant attitude and he only hoped to grow. Younger Charlie was confident, motivated and passionate. She was the perfect balance to keep Dash at bay. When they meet two years later, the passion can no longer be stopped.

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Dash’s development in this book was fantastic. As someone who loved taking care of himself, he quickly proved himself to Charlie. I loved that it was so easy and when needed he stepped forward. I love a book lover who knows how and when to level up! And seriously, could Dash be more supportive? Charlie’s growth was more subtle, but she saw that her drives and goals didn’t define her. He learned that finding happiness is the ultimate goal.

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