Download Free Dear Stranger, You Deserve To Be Loved [PDF] By Ashish Bagrecha

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Dear Stranger, You Deserve To Be Loved book pdf download for free or read online, also Dear Stranger, You Deserve To Be Loved pdf was written by Ashish Bagrecha.

Ashish Bagrecha is a bestselling author and one of India’s most loved Instagram poets.

His books ‘Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel’ and ‘Love, Hope and Magic’ have sold thousands of copies.

He is a popular audio creator also and you can listen to his podcasts and shows on Audible and Spotify.

Ashish Bagrecha is the author of the national bestseller book Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel. He is one of the most popular Instagram poets of India.

He is currently living in Surat and is married to best-selling author Savi Sharma.

BookDear Stranger, You Deserve To Be Loved
AuthorAshish Bagrecha
CategorySelf Help

Dear Stranger, You Deserve To Be Loved Book PDF download for free

Dear Stranger, You Deserve To Be Loved Book PDF download for free

Dear stranger,

Everything we do in our life is for love. Why? I don’t know

Maybe love is what drives us forward. Perhaps love is the means and the end of this life. Maybe the universe works out of love. Whatever the reason, love is what we all demand, and love is what we all want.

But very often we find ourselves without love. Some of us have lost love, some of us have lost ourselves in love, and some of us do not believe in love. And for many of us, it’s worse because we don’t feel like we deserve to be loved. Correct?

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I know how it feels to be without love for many years. I know how difficult it is to find light, hope and healing in the midst of darkness, pain and suffering.

And that’s why I’m writing to you again. Thirty letters and poems of achievements and lessons about loving yourself, loving others, and loving the world.

I am with you and I support you. let’s do it together? Well, my dear stranger?

love and light,

A stranger who knows you.

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This man is not just a poet, he is a blessing sent on earth to spread love across the world. Seriously, I can’t stop reading this book, my heart silently whispering that I shouldn’t see the last page of this book.

How beautiful love rained in dry hearts, Beautiful flowers bloomed,
I felt every poem with all my heart. It was the kind of moving book I’ve ever read.

This poet takes you through the world of love, hope and magic through his writings.
Hello friends, this book is one of the best gifts for you in your life, don’t stop buying it.

You can also gift this to your loved ones, I am sure it will turn out to be the cutest gift for them too.
Buy this if you want to brighten up your life,

If you also want to shine a light in someone else’s life… this is the right time to wrap them in a bundle of love, hope and magic.

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