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Demon Of The Dead book pdf download for free or read online, also Demon Of The Dead pdf was written by Lauren Gilley.

BookDemon Of The Dead
AuthorLauren Gilley
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Demon Of The Dead Book PDF download for free

Demon Of The Dead Book PDF download for free

For generations, the Corpse Lords of the Riftlands have guarded the Fire Mountain of Aeretoll, preventing it from erupting and engulfing the north. Less than twenty years old, Náli is a powerful necromancer in the service of his king, a gifted swordsman known for his razor-sharp insults… and chained to his fate as Lord of Corpses, doomed by birth to a short and painful life ; forced to sire an heir so his essential magic could be passed on to the next Lord of Corpses.

War is on the horizon, but Náli must return to her homeland to calm the mountain and finally choose a bride. Painfully in love with her Captain of the Dead Guard, Náli sets out to uncover the mysteries of his power once and for all: colonize the mountain, salvage a wedding, and finally seize everything she truly desires.

However, the enemy is lurking and war will not be long in coming. A war in which the heroes of Aeretoll will need the demon of the dead on their side.

This is the fourth installment in Drake Chronicles, an epic fantasy romance series for adult audiences.

Demon Of The Dead Book Pdf Download

I’ve been eagerly anticipating Nali’s story since the cheeky little one was first introduced, and once again Gilley didn’t disappoint. This book was packed with so many twists and turns from start to finish. The romance is on the light side but for me this didn’t detract from the enjoyment I had while reading. The overall storyline, world-building, characters, magic, twists and turns, and “well, I didn’t see that coming” moments are nothing short of phenomenal in classic effortless Gilley fashion.

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And now waiting for the next book to see where it takes Leif ?

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