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Den Of Vipers book pdf download for free or read online, also Den Of Vipers pdf was written by K.A Knight.

K.A Knight is a novelist from a small town in England.She has always invented crazy stories and characters that make more than one fall in love.

BookDen Of Vipers
AuthorK.A Knight
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Den Of Vipers Book PDF download for free

Den Of Vipers Book PDF download for free

Ryder, Garrett, Kenzo and Diesel – The Vipers. They rule this city and everyone in it. His dealings are as dirty as his business dealings, and his reputation is enough to bring a grown man to his knees and beg for mercy.

They’re not people to mess with, but my dad is. The old man went into debt with them and then sold me to cover his losses. Yes, he sold me. you own me now I belong to them in the truest sense of the word. But I was never meek and docile.

These men, they look at me longingly. His scarred and bloody hands held me tight. They want everything I am, everything I have to give, and they won’t stop until they get it. They can have my body, but they will never have my heart. The vipers? I will make them regret the day they kidnapped me. This girl? She bites too. 18+ Reverse Harem Romance. Warning: This book contains scenes and references to abuse/attacks that some readers may see as triggers. Along with graphic scenes of sex and violence. This is a dark book

Den Of Vipers Book Pdf Download

Den of Vipers is a visceral story about healing and acceptance; one to let go of the ghosts of the past and embrace what the present has to offer. What begins as the story of a woman offered to a crime family in exchange for a debt, turns into a narrative that highlights the growth of a group of damaged souls who survive and thrive.

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Where this story really shines is in its characters and development. We have Roxy, the gruff pub owner who, through her pain, has learned to rely only on herself as an act of defiant freedom. Then we have the vipers. Ryder, the cold alpha. Kenzo, strategic and charismatic flirtation. Diesel, the fanny pack, bloodthirsty madman. And Garrett, the broken and hateful protector.

Throughout the chapters, Roxy tries and manages to heal old scars from her while the Vipers give her space and support to become her true self. Snappy dialogue and hilarious interactions are beautifully balanced by intensely emotional moments, with each of the main characters’ layers peeling back to reveal the beauty beneath.

The plot of the novel is both a bit thin and exaggerated, but I came to this book with the promise of having a good time, which I was more than given. Excessive violence, explicit and inventive steam and a shoddy FMC? Count me among them. I’d say I found this a bit long with a few holes and unanswered questions, but overall I had a great time with Roxy and her Vipers. If dark and gritty RH romance is your thing, you’re not afraid of a healthy dose of gore, and you’re looking for a wild game, then Den of Vipers might be what you need.

Ryder, Kenzo, Garrett and Diesel are the Vipers. They are businessmen, gamblers, criminals and murderers. You own the city and everything in it. They are not to be trifled with, but Roy’s father owed them a debt that he knew he couldn’t repay. Because of this; he sold them to them.

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Roxanne, known as Roxy, is a barmaid who runs her own pub. Roxy has been alone since she was 17 years old. Growing up with a dependent mother and a father who beat her mercilessly for years, she got used to her pain and found pleasure in it. Roxy was never meek or docile and she never shied away from a fight.

One look at Roxy’s photo and the vipers were already claiming what was rightfully theirs. Of course, Roxy didn’t make it easy for him and her prisoner soon became her guest.

There were no redeeming qualities in vipers. They were cold-blooded killers who took what they wanted and fought for their families. When they first fell in love with Roxy, they knew they were attacking her for becoming her weakness, but Roxy proved time and time again that she was anything but weak. By accepting her new life with her new husbands, Roxy showed everyone what happens when you join her family.

The Vipers were known for their bloodlust, but it paled in the comparison to Roxy’s bloodlust.

This was a very dark and disturbing romance about 4 cruel, scarred and ruthless killers who found their match in a woman who was simply supposed to be theirs, tortured and injured, but instead found a woman who would match their level. madness and bloodlust. she made everyone fall to their knees and worship at her feet.

If you want to read a book about characters redeeming themselves; This is NOT the right book, but if you want to read a haunting book about murder, dirt, blood games, family, and psychotic love, then this is the book for you.

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