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Desert Island book pdf download for free or read online, also Desert Island pdf was written by Olivia T. Turner.

BookDesert Island
AuthorOlivia T. Turner
Size1.6 MB

Desert Island Book PDF download for free

Desert Island Book PDF download for free

Crashed on a desert island. Abandoned with no hope of escape.

It should be hell.

But it isn’t.

Is paradise.

Because she’s stuck here with me.

I washed up on the shore and the girl of my dreams was waiting for me in a grass skirt and little else.

One look and it’s mine.

This island has everything I need.

An impressive beach, a beautiful lagoon and Wendy.

What more could you ask for? What more do you want?

This place is an Eden. A utopia

Just the two of us hanging around for miles without anyone around.

As far as I’m concerned, you can keep the civilized world.

I’m happy here with the girl of my dreams in our hidden oasis…

Wendy is in for a treat when a fiery, possessive pilot falls out of the sky onto the deserted island she’s been trapped on for months. Boredom turns to excitement as this obsessed alpha turns her boring little island into a veritable paradise.

Escape to instant love at its finest in a SAFE, no-catch read and a guaranteed super cute HEA. Enjoy!

Desert Island Book Pdf Download

Getting stuck on an island has never been so exciting or fun! I’m completely OTT once again because OTT has a new version. This is a complete story full of everything! Humour, sexy, cute and great chemistry between these two leads. They are so good together! I love them alone, they are both good people and together? Even better.

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They both got stuck on this island and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to either of them.

Your grandfather was so right! When I met her, I was rolling on the floor, laughing at my haste. That was so much fun. I understood her right away because my god she didn’t have the basics and she couldn’t get what she needed on her own. It’s safe now! Too much fun in the thoughts and they’re perfect. I love Olivia’s stories. A safe and inviting read.

Always satisfying and the characters are delicious together. And the HEA? So perfect and sexy and yet sweet as sugar! There are always amazing sparks and this was so much fun and adorable. I love getting lost in her books and always look forward to the next one!

Ethan is a former Air Force member who has just started a telescope manufacturing company. Ethan is in Costa Rica where his grandfather just passed away. His grandfather had a seaplane that he asked Ethan to fly back to Cape Coral, Florida. Ethan agreed. Ethan’s grandfather told him that the plane would get him where he needed to be. His grandfather told him how he met his grandmother and how time stopped when he saw her.

His mom is nervous about him flying the old plane, but Ethan isn’t worried. That was until he got lost because he didn’t have GPS and he left his phone and ran out of gas. The plane sizzles and Ethan sees an island. That’s where it lands. Wendy was on vacation on a cruise ship. He was in a pole dance class earlier that day and, while intoxicated, tried to dance on the flagpole and fell off the boat. Wendy has been on the island for months and survived.

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Wendy heard the plane and saw it land. Wendy grabbed a piece of driftwood and threatened Ethan with it. Wendy was very happy to see another person. Ethan saw Wendy as she came ashore and time stopped. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Wendy took Ethan to the island and he took parts of the plane to make beds for them. Ethan started a fire Wendy hadn’t been able to. He also caught a fish and found vegetables all over the island.

Wendy was looking forward to eating something other than the pink spiked balls, which were bitter. Wendy was attracted to Ethan, she had saved her virginity for the right man, and she knew Ethan was a perfect match for her. They enjoyed being on the desert island together. Wendy eventually became pregnant. Will they be saved one day?

Will Ethan and Wendy continue their relationship off the island? Will Wendy really give birth on the island or in the civilization? Will Ethan and Wendy find true love on the island? Will Ethan and Wendy find love and happiness on the desert island?

Olivia T. Turner is the queen of storytelling starring over-the-top alpha males obsessed with their innocent wife. Wendy fell off a cruise ship while on vacation and ended up on a deserted island where she has been struggling for months. She meets Ethan, a sexy pilot who lands his grandfather’s old plane on the island after getting lost.

The moment he saw the tender Wendy, Ethan knew in his heart that he had to protect her, care for her and love her. Wendy was a very funny heroine and there were many moments that made me laugh. She was so innocent and weird. Ethan swooned and loved every aspect of Wendy’s body and personality. As always, there was a wonderful happy ending and a great future epilogue to wrap up the story.

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