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Desire In His Blood book pdf download for free or read online, also Desire In His Blood pdf was written by Zoey Draven.

BookDesire In His Blood
AuthorZoey Draven
Size2.2 MB

Desire In His Blood Book PDF download for free

Desire In His Blood Book PDF download for free

We call the Demons Kylorr. Monster. Not in a million years would she have expected to name a husband…

I am drowning under the weight of my father’s debts. I work to the bone and I know that if I don’t pay them on time, the sadistic creditors will take everything: our house, our respected name and, worst of all, my two beautiful sisters.

To save my family, I agree to do something reckless: marry a rich and mysterious stranger who offers me a wicked deal I can’t refuse.

However, his offer comes with a terrifying catch. Because my future husband is a Kylorr. One of the most fearsome alien races, the Kylorr are bestial monsters, all strength and menace, with mighty wings, corrupted desires, and a berserker fury. Worst part?

They live on blood.

Cold and cruel, Azure of House Kaalium, the High Lord of Laras, calls me as his blood bride. be fed by me. To use my body the way he wants.

But when Azur expects a reserved and submissive woman, she is in for a rude awakening. My new husband may yearn for my surrender, but I will never give it to him.

My heart…even if he wants to break it into a million pieces.

Desire In His Blood Book Pdf Download

DESIRE IN HIS BLOOD is the first book in Zoey Draven’s new adult sci-fi/fantasy romance series, Brides of the Kylorr, and it was brilliant. I discovered Zoey with her Horde Kings of Dakkar series and immediately fell in love with her storytelling. I devoured this series and have been obsessed with writing it ever since. DESIRE IN HIS BLOOD for her was absolutely everything she wanted. I read it in one go, I couldn’t stop reading.

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I think Zoey’s writing is amazing, the way she’s able to bring these characters and the world to life is unparalleled, the way she makes me feel reading it is something I don’t come across often. I have a few favorite authors that I love and would read literally anything they put out, Zoey is one of them now.

I loved the story in this book, she’s not your typical “human-woman-gets-kidnapped-by-aliens-and-sold-to-the-mysterious-alien-king”-not that there’s anything wrong with those stories. be, that’s not what this book is about. What I love about this book and Zoey’s Horde Kings series is that humans already live outside of space among other alien species, they’ve lived there for centuries and this has always been their life. That’s refreshing and makes the story that much more interesting for me.

DESIRE IN HIS BLOOD is the story of the human woman Gemma, who decides to marry a Kylorr to save her sisters from her father’s endless debts, berserker aliens who feed on blood, have gray skin, horns and giant wings. I know it’s hot

Please just read the blurb. He explains the story much better than me.

I loved the heroine Gemma. She is thirty years old, she would do anything to protect the family from her, but she is also not easy to convince. She is full of compassion, brave, and extremely intelligent. I loved everything about her. I loved that she always put on a brave face even when she was scared, I loved how compassionate and kind she could be, but also wild and unyielding when needed.

I rarely love heroines as much as I love heroes, I know it’s not my best quality but I can’t help it. I often find them annoying. I’ve never felt this way reading Zoey’s books. She always manages to write such amazing and nuanced heroines, almost as if I could put myself in her shoes and make the same decisions. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it makes sense to me.

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Azur the hero was exactly what you’d expect from a big bad alien. He’s not the nicest at first, but that’s how I like it. He’s fine, he’s fine, I need therapy, whatever. But you quickly discover another side of him, and all is not what it seems. He is strong and hot, very hot, I think that is very important to mention. But he’s also very smart, compassionate, bossy and attractive, did I say attractive? I don’t want to give away too much anyway, so you should read the book to bask in the splendor that is the blue of House Kaalium, the High Lord of Laras.

Zoey wrote these characters to perfection, the way her relationship developed felt so organic and so real. she loved them together. The pacing of this entire book was perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved how we were able to explore their relationship at the same time as them, watching it evolve from an arranged marriage to partnership and eventually love.

One thing I love as a reader is being able to really enjoy the couple for a while and not let them get together at the end. For me it’s frustrating because I always end up wanting more, to see them happy as a couple, to read more about it, and Zoey gave me that. I love that in a story and this one did not disappoint.

As for the plot itself, Zoey once again did not miss. I love a good romance, of course, but I also enjoy a good story. Like I said, she had me hooked from the start, whether it was the romance or the plot. I found it super interesting, from the way Zoey describes the four quadrants and how it all works, to why Gemma needs to get married and why Kylorr is interested in her in the first place. And by the time she got to Lara, Azur’s house, I was finished. Zoey describes everything so vividly without exaggeration and she could easily introduce me there.

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As you can probably tell from this endless review, I really loved this book. And one thing I didn’t talk about is how damn hot she was. Like sucking blood while sex is hot. Anyway, it was HOT, the angst, the sexual tension, the world building, everything, I loved it all and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Please read it and thank me later.

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