Download Desires We Seek [PDF] By Dana Isaly

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Desires We Seek book pdf download for free or read online, also Desires We Seek pdf was written by Dana Isaly.

BookDesires We Seek
AuthorDana Isaly
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Desires We Seek Book PDF download for free

Desires We Seek Book PDF download for free

Hudson really feels like the black sheep of his friends. She can’t get a steady job, she lives in a shitty apartment above a Chinese take-out restaurant and never settles down with anyone.

The only time in her life that she felt like she was doing something right was when she was dating Owen. But there is a small problem: Owen is married.

United in holy matrimony. Far from the market. Not available. Inviolable. A no-go, if you will.

But once they’re all together in Tokyo, she can’t help but notice how Owen’s wife keeps looking at him, always catching her gaze. And when they finally venture into the kink club, which Hudson couldn’t hide, the pair make a very tempting proposition.

It could be unconventional. But Owen and Aurora might be just what Hudson needs.

Desires We Seek Pdf Download

Holy shit! Finally we are given the story of Pryos. I love all the couples so far but Hudson chefs Owen and Aurora kiss!! I understand the fear of making love and my heart broke for Hudson. And that Owen is honest about his new wife Aurora and how she supports him.

Nevertheless …. Hudson and Owen have always had a deep connection, both bisexual and playing downlow together. Feelings for his friend Owen grow, but he doesn’t want to jeopardize their friendship or what they’ve built by being one-sided. Or is that it? The group of the friends are on the vacation with their group of the friends in the Tokyo, Japan and about to go to a sex club.

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So let the good times roll. But Hudson is proposed to by Owen and Aurora. Can Hudson accept his offer at the sex club? Will there be a sex marathon and not talk about the next day like O&H has done before? For many hypothetical questions this book is hot AF and I totally agree! Highly recommended. Now poor Greg is the only friend left. or is it him?

I have been patiently waiting for the Desires We Seek book ever since it was first mentioned on Games We Play. I don’t know why, but I was immediately drawn to it. Dana gave us little hints of who she was going to end up with early on, but when she came out and directly told us that Pyro was going to get into an MMF situation with Owen and Aurora, I literally almost cried. He wanted them to mate from the essence of the charges. I really love this book so much, even though it’s mostly spice and little plot. Honestly, the spice is the plot. I really loved Pyro, I loved Owen, and also I loved Domme Aurora.

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