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Devious obsession Book pdf download for free or read online, also Devious obsession pdf was written by S. Massery.

BookDevious obsession
AuthorS. Massery
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Devious obsession Book PDF download for free

Devious obsession Book PDF download for free
Devious obsession Book PDF download for free

Wow, okay, where do you start? When I read Devious obsession, the first book in the series, Greyson’s book, I knew I would like the character of Steele. He was one of Gray’s teammates and although he had some fun hours with Gray and Violet, he was a downright cute guy. Now let’s fast forward to that book because it’s not pretty! I didn’t think the author could get over Gray being a delusional psychopath bent on ruining his girl’s life, but damn, he was wrong! Also, I mean that in the best possible way because I am beyond obsessed with Steele.

Devious obsession Pdf Download

I knew from the first chapter that this book would be a 5 read for me. Basically, the second time Steel and Aspen meet, there’s instant chemistry and the sparks keep burning higher and higher. Is Steel an absolutely possessive and jealous alpha hole trying to ruin Aspens’ life while also wanting to possess her? Absolutely. He refuses to let someone else have her? Yes. Is he also trying to get rid of her and at the same time wants to love her body? You can bet on it. This man is a special type of psycho who just speaks to my soul. He doesn’t apologize for his cruelty, he knows no bounds.

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While he possesses all of these character traits, he’s probably the best choice for Aspen. Aspen is a crack in himself, not only battling some inner demons and past traumas, but he also has dark and corrupted desires that match Steele’s. Aspen is just trying to get an education so he can make music, but the odds weren’t in his favor.

His family is a sore spot that he wants to put in the past and refuses to be forgotten. Her new stepfather will keep her college tuition over her head if she breaks the deal she was forced into. Then her sweet and loving stepbrother, aka Steele, tries to ruin her life as she wreaks havoc on her body at every opportunity.

I loved Aspen and Steele together! I won’t say it wasn’t toxic because it’s probably the most toxic relationship I’ve read in a long time, but my gosh it was hot and beautiful in that weird psychotic way. They understood each other on a deeper level. Yes, sometimes it got a little messed up, but then souls called out to each other.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. It’s definitely not going to be for everyone so check your trigger alerts because this one is dark but I’m obsessed! I hope to see a few more characters get their own stories in the future!

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